Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Lenovo HPC Business Grows Twice as Fast as the Market – IDC
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HPC or High Performance Computing is the use of parallel processing for running advanced programs efficiently, reliably and quickly. Or said another way, these are some of the most ...Full Article

Data Dilemma: What to Store, What to Dump?

As storage costs decline on a Moore's Law curve, technology vendors seeking to drive storage capacity and enterprises leveraging that stored data for new applications agree that we have ...Full Article

IDC at SC16: AI, HPDA Driving HPC into High Growth Markets

The rapid growth in technology that can be trained, that infers, that continually learns from information contained in enormous data sets, all the while generating strong ROI on strategic ...Full Article

New Enterprise Users Pushing HPC Server Growth

The rising chorus heard at SC15 this week, particularly from server vendors, is that the enterprise sector presents the strongest area of market growth. This trend contributed to the ...Full Article

VCE Study Makes Case for Converged IT

A new market survey underscores the advantages of converged IT infrastructure as a means of achieving capacity flexibility as well as a way to reduce cost while speeding the ...Full Article

HPC for Advanced Analytics at the USPS

Today, the United States Postal Service is on its third generation of supercomputers, with each generation more capable than its predecessor. IDC believes the USPS embrace of HPC exemplifies ...Full Article

Forecasts Call For Cloud Burst Through 2018

The inexorable shift to the cloud is beginning to take on the features of a storm front, according to the latest survey of the cloud services market. Indeed, industry ...Full Article

Ethernet Switching Sales Soften

The Ethernet switch market just took its biggest sequential dive in a long time, thanks to a confluence of economic forces and technology transitions among the major players. The ...Full Article

Thomas, Koric receive IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award

The HPC Innovation Excellence Award distinguishes noteworthy achievements made by projects which make significant use of High Performance Computing (HPC). Recipients of the award are those who have achieved ...Full Article
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