Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, October 5, 2022


HP Enterprise’s Bill Mannel Talks HPC, Intel, Big Data, and More

As vice president and general manager of high performance computing and big data for Hewlett Packard Enterprise for almost a year, Bill Mannel oversees two fast-growing and complementary areas ...Full Article

Moonshot Scale Leveraged For Transcoding, Web Infrastructure

Hewlett-Packard is ramping up its Moonshot hyperscale systems with a set of new server nodes and specific workloads in the enterprise that it has tuned up for the hardware. ...Full Article

HP Breaks Itself Into Back Office And Front Office Halves

They could have called one Hewlett and the other one Packard, but instead, as HP breaks itself into two halves, it is calling the part that sells PCs and ...Full Article

Integrated Systems Rankings Led by VCE, Cisco, Oracle

An emerging enterprise category of integrated systems that combine servers, storage and network infrastructure is led by the converged infrastructure alliance VCE, according to the latest in a series ...Full Article

InkaBinka Moves From Cloud To Moonshot For Launch

The premise behind a new startup called InkaBinka, which launched this month and which is only a year old, is that none of us have the time to keep ...Full Article

HP Updates On Project Moonshot, ARM-Based Servers, Memristors

<p><span style="font-family: verdana, geneva;">At the Server Design Summit, HP Labs researcher gives some status reports on several projects. 100-fold increase in performance per watt? Announcements imminent for Project Moonshot ...Full Article