Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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green computing

Meeting the Green Challenge Google-Style

With energy prices going up and datacenters getting bigger, green computing is essential. Google takes its 100% renewable commitment seriously with multiple clean energy investments.Full Article

Green Power Management Deep Dive

During Adaptive Computing's user conference, MoabCon 2013, HPC Product Manager Gary Brown delivered an in-depth presentation on Moab's Auto Power Management capabilities. Full Article

Green IT: Burden or Opportunity?

<p>A holistic and objective assessment reveals that it is better to adopt green IT in the interest of several opportunities and benefits it offers to businesses, the society and ...Full Article

Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson

<p>Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa P. Jackson is joining Apple as vice president for environmental initiatives. </p>Full Article

The Challenges of Energy Efficient Exascale Computing

At some point, the advancement in computer technology will lead to computing at one exaflops, or a thousand petaflops. Achieving this landmark goal is driving datacenters to meet the ...Full Article

Mavericks Push the Green Envelope

Power consumption and cooling may be concerns for all IT departments, but high performance computing (HPC) demands large amounts of both. GigaOM held a webinar on Tue., April 23, ...Full Article

Is a Zero-Watt Solution Worth the Wait?

Today's businesses move at a rapid pace. Datacenters need to keep up with that pace. However, a datacenter will use up energy to instantaneously access a file. SGI proposes ...Full Article

Earth Day Special: Making Datacenters Greener

Datacenters consume 94.8 billion pounds of CO2 every year. Half of a datacenter's power goes to cooling. To celebrate Earth Day, Fusion-io created an infographic to share ways datacenter ...Full Article

Earth Day Special: 10 Reasons Why You’ll be Buried Alive

The United States has more trash than any other country in the world, throwing away over 500 billion pounds of garbage every year. As an Earth Day special for ...Full Article

Green Revolution Powered by (Mineral) Oil

Austin-based Green Revolution Cooling uses mineral oil as the liquid for its datacenter cooling systems. The idea came to Christiaan Best as a friend described to him the cooling ...Full Article
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