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green computing

Facebook Refines Energy Reporting

As Facebook extends its reach across the globe, the IT giant's carbon footprint is also expanding. Still, there's something to be said for transparency. Full Article

Putting Your Computer Where Your Power Is

New Mexico-based startup SELC Corp. has taken the utility computing concept and turned it on its head by asking: instead of sending power to the computer, why not send ...Full Article

Telcos Can Learn from Datacenter Giants

When it comes to energy reporting, telcos have some lessons to learn from the more-established datacenter operators. Full Article

Unlocking Your Datacenter’s Potential

The modern datacenter is a critical component of a successful enterprise, but when it comes to power, cooling, and space constraints, datacenter operators are feeling the pinch. Full Article

An Interview with EMC’s Chief Sustainability Officer

Green Computing Report speaks with EMC's Chief Sustainability Officer Kathrin Winkler about the company's latest sustainability report, the major drivers for energy efficiency and a new way of thinking ...Full Article

Green500: Italian Firm Raises the Stakes with NVIDIA Kepler Parts

The latest Green500 rankings were announced Friday morning. Compared to the November 2012 list, the current version has a lot of familiar elements, but a couple of surprises as ...Full Article

Datapipe Launches Green HPC Cloud Node

Managed services and infrastructure provider Datapipe has launched its greenest and most high performance solution yet – in Iceland – in partnership with Verne Global. Full Article

Data Megaliths

Companies are building both corporate campuses and datacenters at record rates. Hardly a day goes by without an announcement of a new big site. While much has been made ...Full Article

Study Quantifies Cloud’s Energy-Savings Potential

There is mounting evidence that the cloud is a green cloud. A new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern illustrates the dramatic results of mass cloud migration.Full Article

Virtual Fireside Chat with the Green Grid Executives

It is the mission of The Green Grid Association, a non-profit, open industry consortium, to become the leading authority on resource efficiency in IT and datacenters. The Green Grid's John Tuccillo and Mark ...Full Article
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