Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, December 8, 2022


Sony’s ‘Sophy’ AI, Trained on Thousands of Races, Bests Humans Champs

AI is a critical element of many modern video games, enabling non-player allies and opponents to intelligently move and act in response to player actions. But as games have ...Full Article

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Purchase Could Bring Microsoft’s Metaverse Closer

Microsoft’s $68.7 billion move to buy the Activision Blizzard video gaming platform is not just a blockbuster deal for the gaming industry, but it also positions Microsoft to focus ...Full Article

Google’s ‘Stadia’ Is a Massive Data Windfall. Who Will Benefit?

For the first time, Google is positioning itself as a competitor to the likes of PlayStation and Xbox with its new offering, Stadia, a cloud-based gaming service – with ...Full Article

Tool and Dice

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="95" height="102" />Gen Con, the ultimate gaming convention, has come and gone but is not forgotten. Only at Gen Con are you likely to ...Full Article

New “Malifaux” Game Pieces Show Weird and Wonderful Results From Digital Sculpting

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="94" height="95" />Ghost Studio helps Wyrd’s team move from art to part over 30% faster, make production tooling via STL milling. Geomagic Freeform allows ...Full Article

You Gotta Know When to Fold ‘Em

Not long ago, a group of gamers did in ten days what a world’s worth of molecular biologists had been unable to accomplish in more than a decade: collaborating ...Full Article