Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, May 27, 2024


Fujitsu Chosen For GENIAC Project To Enhance Reliability Of GenAI in Business Applications

Fujitsu, one of the leading technology and business solutions providers, has been chosen for the research and development project for the enhanced infrastructures for post-5G information and communication systems. ...Full Article

SambaNova Integrates Japan’s Fugaku-LLM into Its Advanced Samba-1 CoE Tech

HAMBURG, Germany, May 13, 2024 -- SambaNova Systems today announced that “Fugaku-LLM,” a Japanese Large Language Model trained on Japan's fastest supercomputer, “Fugaku,” and published on Hugging Face on ...Full Article

Researchers in Japan Develop ‘Fugaku-LLM’

KAWASAKI, Japan, May 10, 2024 -- A team of researchers in Japan released Fugaku-LLM, a large language model with enhanced Japanese language capability, using the RIKEN supercomputer Fugaku. The ...Full Article

Fujitsu and Oracle Collaborate to Deliver Sovereign Cloud and AI Capabilities in Japan

KAWASAKI, Japan and TOKYO, April 19, 2024 -- Fujitsu Limited and Oracle are collaborating to deliver sovereign cloud and AI capabilities that help address the digital sovereignty requirements of ...Full Article

Fujitsu Working Hard to Develop ‘Ocean Digital Twin’

The concept of a digital twin has interested scientists for quite a long time. A virtual representation of an entire system or singular object, a digital twin is updated ...Full Article

AWS and Fujitsu Expand Partnership to Modernize Legacy Cloud Applications

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fujitsu Limited announced the expansion of their global partnership to accelerate the modernization of legacy applications on AWS Cloud. The joint intuitive, named Modernization ...Full Article

Fujitsu and Carnegie Mellon University Develop AI-powered Social Digital Twin Tech with Traffic Data from Pittsburgh

TOKYO, March 7, 2024 -- Fujitsu Limited and Carnegie Mellon University today announced the development of a new technology to visualize traffic situations, including people and vehicles, as part ...Full Article

Fujitsu AI Strategy Strengthens Data Integration, GenAI Capabilities with Dedicated Platform and New Fujitsu Uvance Offerings

TOKYO, Feb. 14, 2024 -- Fujitsu today announced details of a new company-wide AI strategy that focuses on deepening human – AI collaboration, presenting a vision of AI as ...Full Article

Xilinx Teams with Fujitsu on 5G O-RAN

As the first “greenfield” or new-from-the-ground-up 5G wireless networks are being built, chip makers are joining cloud vendors in accelerating the rollout of front-end radio units that comply with ...Full Article

Nvidia Alliances Hinted at Arm Deal

In anticipation of closing its landmark deal to acquire chip IP vendor Arm Ltd., Nvidia is highlighting its partner ecosystem as it seeks to extend its considerable reach beyond ...Full Article
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