Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, May 23, 2024


Trust Me, I’m Smart: HPC and Government Regulation in the Coming AI Age

Stephen Hawking famously said that "success in creating effective AI could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization, but unless we learn how to prepare for ...Full Article

Europe’s AI Act Would Regulate Tech Globally

The Artificial Intelligence Act was introduced to the European Union in April 2021, and is rapidly progressing through comment periods and rewrites. When it goes into effect, which experts ...Full Article

Intel Invests €33B in Europe’s Semiconductor Supply Chain

Intel has announced that it is making an “initial” €33 billion (~$36 billion) investment across the semiconductor value chain in Europe. The investment — which spans R&D, manufacturing and ...Full Article

BSC Presents Plan to Energize Europe’s Big Data Efforts

Researchers from the Barcelona Supercomputer Center today presented the big data roadmap commissioned by the EU as part of the RETHINK big project intended to identify technology goals, obstacles ...Full Article

Stormy Seas Ahead for Safe Harbor Users

When Europe's top court declared the Safe Harbor data-transfer agreement invalid, it should not have come as a surprise to those who follow the continent's privacy rulings. But now ...Full Article

Pan-European Datacenter Research Project Commences

The European Commission has awarded 1.7 million Euros (US$2.26 million) to a datacenter-focused R&D initiative. Full Article

Clean Energy Conundrum: In Europe, Regulations Have Helped Create a “Golden Age Of Coal.”

EU Regulations intended to shift utilities from fossil fuels to renewable energy are having the reverse effect. As America shifts to natural gas, European coal prices drop, and utilities ...Full Article

European Data Center Operator Switch Datacenters Opens Incubator To Test Energy-Efficient Technology

Amsterdam-based Switch Datacenters announced on Monday that it has opened an incubator that it will use to test and deploy energy-efficient data center technologies. Hardware that passes its testing ...Full Article