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Debate Heats Up Over Datacenter As Energy Hog

A healthy debate is gathering steam over how cloud providers will find new ways to power datacenters that are sure to demand more energy as computing and storage requirements ...Full Article

The Myth Of The Green Datacenter

Here's the reality when it comes to datacenter energy consumption: If the cloud industry were a country, according to a recent study, it would be the fifth largest energy ...Full Article

How Facebook Autoscale Cuts Cluster Electric Bills

The reason why online retailer Amazon started its cloud computing unit was not just because it wanted to break into a business selling raw compute and storage capacity to ...Full Article

Future Datacenters Will Divvy Up Computing, Storage

The datacenter ecosystem of the next decade is likely to resemble an expanded version of the hyperscale facilities currently being built out by today's Internet giants, cloud providers, and ...Full Article

Neural Nets Improve Google Datacenter Efficiency

Key attributes of the smart grid, namely adding intelligence to the networks that distribute power, are being applied by Google to the design and operation of power-hungry datacenters. The ...Full Article

Sererra Consulting Group Announces Platinum Sponsorship of Intacct Advantage 2013

<a title="Sererra Consulting Group, LLC." href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Sererra Consulting Group, LLC.</a>, an industry leader in Green IT cloud business process and technology management solutions, today announced their Platinum Sponsorship ...Full Article

IR’s R8 RAD-Hard MOSFETs Increase Efficiency Up to 6% While Reducing Footprint 50%

International Rectifier, IR, a world leader in power management technology, introduced two high performance R8 radiation hardened (RAD-Hard) power MOSFETs optimized for space grade point-of-load (POL) voltage regulator applications.Full Article

No Federal Datacenter Left Behind

With less than two years left to hit 2015 targets and limited funding for the effort, federal datacenter managers are looking to alternative financing solutions, like Energy Savings Performance ...Full Article

Seattle Presentation to Detail New Economic Model Cutting Datacenter Costs

CH2M HILL, a global full-service consulting, design, construction, and operations firm, will join Niobrara Energy Park President, <span class="xn-location"><span class="xn-location">Craig Harrison,</span></span> for an <span class="xn-location">August 6</span> presentation of a new data center economic ...Full Article

Turning Trash Into Renewable Energy for the Datacenter

Renewable energy developer Vieste Energy is partnering with green building design firm ESD (Environmental Systems Design, Inc.) on a national portfolio of 100 percent renewable energy datacenters. Full Article
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