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Flocker Adds Storage Virtualization To Docker Containers

The Docker application container system developed by platform cloud provider dotCloud, now known as Docker Software, has been gaining momentum in recent months and is on the way to ...Full Article

Platform9 Emerges From Stealth To Unify Virtualization Management

The cloud ecosystem continues to expand as a group of ex-VMware engineers have emerged from stealth mode to launch a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform aimed at managing private clouds. ...Full Article

SoftLayer To Outflank Rivals With Bare Metal, InfiniBand, And Power8

There are many ways for IBM to get to the $7 billion revenue run rate it has promised Wall Street it can hit as it exits 2015. One way ...Full Article

Rackspace OnMetal Gives Bare Metal Oomph, Cloud Flexibility

When is a cloud not a cloud? When it is really dedicated hosting with a new name slapped on it. Rackspace Hosting, which made enough of a mark in ...Full Article

New RHEL 7 Linux Stresses Apps, Scaling

Red Hat has unveiled the latest version of its open-source operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, promoting it as the foundation of an "open hybrid cloud" that delivers ...Full Article

Docker Software Containers Go Commercial

The next wave of virtualization, and one that has the potential to displace hypervisor-based virtualization on Linux platforms, is upon us now that Docker, the software container and application ...Full Article

Google Runs All Software In Containers

The overhead of full-on server virtualization is too much for a lot of hyperscale datacenter operators as well as their peers (some might say rivals) in the supercomputing arena. ...Full Article

AWS Adopts Docker Containers For Elastic Beanstalk

The Docker application container technology that is emerging as a new method of packing and running applications on top of Linux servers has gotten another important blessing as it ...Full Article

Red Hat Targets Apps With Project Atomic And RHEL 7

"The app is king," declared Red Hat's president of products and technologies at the company's annual summit today. Indeed, the focus on applications and how they are ported among ...Full Article
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