Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, March 31, 2023


Manta Beats Bots with Automated Protection

As a destination site where about 30 million small and midsize companies market themselves to each other and consumers, Manta is attractive to another form of traffic: web scrapers ...Full Article

Opsmatic Simplifies DevOps with Live-State Monitoring

Using the experiences they gleaned as developers at Flickr, the founders of startup Opsmatic today debuted a real-time data platform and live-state monitoring service built specifically to support the ...Full Article

How to Create a DevOps Culture

Collaboration has extended to the IT department through growing adoption of DevOps, an approach whereby developers and operations people work together efficiently and effectively. But without careful planning and ...Full Article

Puppet Tool Expands to Manage Docker, AWS

As the line between datacenter management and DevOps continues to blur, more tools like Puppet and Chef are emerging to help automate management of physical and virtual servers, network ...Full Article

Service Providers Jump on DevOps Bandwagon

The rush to fill what many see as a DevOps gap continues as the growing need for development skills shifts from the datacenter to the enterprise. A recent study ...Full Article

Commentary: Ultimately, It’s All Just DevOps

The recent EnterpriseTech article, DevOps Emerges in the Enterprise, examines industry analyst Gartner's assertion that DevOps is not a market. Instead, the market researcher insists it is a loose ...Full Article
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