Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, July 20, 2024


New Working Group Targets Low-Carbon Power Sourcing

Adobe, eBay, Facebook, HP,, and Symantec are working with BSR to create a greener Internet. Full Article

What’s Stopping Datacenter Progress?

Technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and converged infrastructures are the standouts of modern datacenter design. Yet most datacenters in operation today are unable to implement these ...Full Article

Data Megaliths

Companies are building both corporate campuses and datacenters at record rates. Hardly a day goes by without an announcement of a new big site. While much has been made ...Full Article

Virtual Fireside Chat with the Green Grid Executives

It is the mission of The Green Grid Association, a non-profit, open industry consortium, to become the leading authority on resource efficiency in IT and datacenters. The Green Grid's John Tuccillo and Mark ...Full Article

Google Asks ‘How Green Is the Internet?’

<p>With nearly 2 billion people connected to the Internet these days, there are those who question the effects that this usage has on the environment. </p>Full Article

Meeting the Green Challenge Google-Style

With energy prices going up and datacenters getting bigger, green computing is essential. Google takes its 100% renewable commitment seriously with multiple clean energy investments.Full Article

The Path to Software-Defined Power

Fulfilling the potential of green computing in the datacenter requires more than innovative temperature taming techniques; the IT equipment itself has to operate with greater efficiency. A proposed solution incorporates ...Full Article

Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson

<p>Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa P. Jackson is joining Apple as vice president for environmental initiatives. </p>Full Article

Cloud Computing Has Green Appeal

<p>As the Internet continues its ascent, so does the concentration of global greenhouse gases. The information technology sector is responsible for 2 percent of worldwide carbon emissions, a footprint ...Full Article

Are Clouds the Fastest Path to Green Computing?

Public and private clouds have been promoted as paradigms of efficiency across a number of dimensions, not the least of which is energy efficiency and the associated carbon footprint. ...Full Article
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