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Alliance Coalesces Around Mesosphere Platform

The datacenter operating system movement continues to gather momentum with the announcement by Apache Mesos developer Mesosphere of a broad alliance backing the beta release of an all-encompassing platform ...Full Article

OpenStack Reviews Mixed in Latest Survey

As OpenStack users align around its standard APIs for deploying cloud infrastructure, adoption of application container technologies on OpenStack platforms continues to generated the most buzz in the latest ...Full Article

HPE, Microsoft Back Mesosphere’s Datacenter OS

Mesosphere, the datacenter operating system startup working at the nexus of hyper-scale application development and cloud-based delivery of micro-services, announced a $73.5 million "strategic" investment round led by Hewlett ...Full Article

CoreOS Targets Container Image Security

Application container pioneers continue to roll out new security features as micro-services shift to primetime. The latest comes from upstart CoreOS, which introduced a new container image analyzer designed ...Full Article

Software Defined Container Orchestration Accelerates Deployment of Large Docker Container Clusters

Containers have exploded through the bulkheads of market acceptance that most new technologies must slog through, crossing the chasm in only three years and transforming the way applications are ...Full Article

Towards Ubiquitous HPC — Passing HPC into the Hands of Every Engineer and Scientist

Countless case studies demonstrate impressively the importance of HPC for engineering and scientific insight, product innovation, and market competitiveness. But so far HPC was mostly in the hands of ...Full Article

Microservices, Containers and Innovation Driven by the ‘Digital Dialectic’

In April 1956 the SS Ideal X set sail from Newark carrying 58 large metal boxes then known as “Trailer Vans.” The Ideal X was a modified World War ...Full Article

CoreOS Bolsters Container Platform With Crypto ‘Trust’

A stumbling block to broader adoption of micro-services in general and application containers in particular has been ensuring the overall security of infrastructure while running business-critical applications housed in ...Full Article

Rackspace Jumps on Container Bandwagon with Carina

Rackspace used this week's OpenStack Summit in Tokyo to jump on the application container bandwagon with a native container environment. Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) said its Carina container environment combines ...Full Article

Containers: The Case for VM Coexistence

Today, corporations have the technical flexibility to customize the datacenter to better fit their long- and short-term business goals. They are no longer locked into legacy infrastructure upgrades as ...Full Article
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