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Optimizing Container Spend: 5 Recommendations

As container technology moves into the mainstream, users are concerned about the next step: container optimization. Typically, conversations with customers focus on production environments., but recently they’ve become more ...Full Article

How to Contain Cryptojackers Attacking Enterprise Networks

As the value of cryptocurrencies increased, cybercriminals quickly seized on it as a new opportunity for profit – and mischief. Ever adaptable, they adjusted their technique for generating payoffs, ...Full Article

Containers: The Case for VM Coexistence

Today, corporations have the technical flexibility to customize the datacenter to better fit their long- and short-term business goals. They are no longer locked into legacy infrastructure upgrades as ...Full Article

Univa Grid Engine Takes On Docker Orchestration, Scheduling

Workload management and optimization solutions developer Univa is entering the Docker orchestration frenzy with today's release of the Univa Grid Engine Container Edition product. In September 2014, Univa told EnterpriseTech ...Full Article