Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, August 12, 2022

container security

5 Essentials for Securing Your Kubernetes Deployments

Cloud computing has ushered in a digital transformation in the way applications are developed, deployed and operated. In the cloud-native era, applications are based on microservices and delivered via ...Full Article

Crypto-Miners’ Latest Target: Containers

The crypto-currency mining craze has now extended from hijacking supercomputers and public computing resources to include application containers, according to a security vendor. Researchers at Aqua Security said this ...Full Article

A User Guide For Securing Docker Containers

As important and prevalent Docker containers are today, they still pose a unique security risk for users. Containers simplify the distribution of software and allow greater sharing of resources ...Full Article

App Containers Get a Needed Security Boost

Application container rivals CoreOS and Docker each released "production ready" versions of their platforms this week as the expanding container ecosystem moves to button down secure distribution of enterprise ...Full Article

‘Can Containers Contain?’ Remains Top Security Issue

Among the stumbling blocks to scaling application container technology are lingering concerns about security in production environments. Secure deployment of Docker and other container workloads in production was among ...Full Article

Docker Targets Production With New Tools, Services

As it moves to become a de facto standard for application container formats, Docker released a batch of management tools, support services and a new on-premise registry for container ...Full Article