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Shared Memory Clusters 101

Shared memory clusters are one of those technologies that is at the same time just evolutionary, but also – because of what it will become – potentially revolutionary. Although ...Full Article

Airstone Clusters Drive Down Latency With Custom Network

Some hardware and software engineers at a startup called Airstone Labs, who have built scale-out systems for Google, among other places, want to build a better cluster. And as ...Full Article

Best Practices in Datacenter Cooling
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The High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPC²) at Mississippi State University is boosting its high-performance computing capabilities with the installation of “Shadow,” a Cray® CS300-LC™ liquid-cooled cluster supercomputer. The HPC² ...Full Article

PCI Express Switching Takes On Ethernet, InfiniBand

Ethernet, InfiniBand, and the handful of high-speed, low-latency interconnects that have been designed for supercomputers and large shared memory systems are going to soon have a new rival: PCI-Express ...Full Article

Oil Explorer Strikes Black Gold With 20 PB Data Reservoir

The conventional wisdom at large enterprises that deal with truly enormous datasets is that they can't keep it all online. At some point, because of the high cost of ...Full Article

Shared Memory Clusters Accelerate Databases

In-memory databases are going mainstream to accelerate analytics, and if the success of SAP's HANA in-memory database is any guide, then it looks like companies will be looking at ...Full Article

The Math On Big NUMA Versus Clusters

Even if you are not thinking of buying a big Sparc/Solaris server, some new math by Oracle might get you to thinking about shared memory machines as opposed to ...Full Article

Cluster Sizes Reveal Hadoop Maturity Curve

If you want to get a rough sense of how mature a Hadoop installation is, all you need to do is count the server nodes. The largest Hadoop clusters ...Full Article

BP Fires Up 2.2 Petaflops Cluster for Oil Exploration

There is an arms race in the oil and gas industry, and the weapon of choice is a server cluster. Energy industry giant BP has opened the doors on ...Full Article

HPC Everywhere – without “ClusterPhobia” !

Every so often technology passes a tipping point that profoundly changes how we survive and thrive on this planet. At this particular moment in history, the pieces are ...Full Article
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