Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, May 27, 2024

climate science

Fujitsu Working Hard to Develop ‘Ocean Digital Twin’

The concept of a digital twin has interested scientists for quite a long time. A virtual representation of an entire system or singular object, a digital twin is updated ...Full Article

Nvidia Powers Scientific Digital Twins with Modulus, Omniverse

An accurate digital twin can be a boon to scientific endeavors, from recreating individual buildings in a city to understand energy use to recreating the Earth’s climate system to ...Full Article

Cloud-Based Weather Network Launched

Access to huge volumes of weather data—volumes that will likely soar after the November launch of the U.S. GOES-R weather satellite—has been limited to a few users at great ...Full Article

Google Limits Carbon Footprint, Funds Climate Change Deniers

A commitment to green datacenters, renewable energy projects and the purchasing of carbon offsets have enabled Google to reduce its revenue-adjusted carbon footprint for the fourth year in a ...Full Article

Citizen Scientists to Help Map Global CO2 Emissions

Climate science researchers from Arizona State University are launching an innovative online "game" to better understand the global carbon cycle. Full Article