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Converged IT Market To Benefit from ‘Refresh’ Projects

As datacenter managers seek to harmonize computing, storage and networking infrastructure, a market watcher forecasts that enterprise investments in this converged infrastructure along with servers will jump during the ...Full Article

Networking Mergers Seen as Datacenters Are Stretched

Video streaming and emerging concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT) are beginning to overwhelm datacenters. For networking providers, that's proving to be a good thing as growing demand ...Full Article

Getting a Handle on ‘Shadow IT’

Shadow IT, the systems and solutions used inside organizations without explicit approval, are becoming a fact of life for most organizations. Indeed, industry studies estimate that nearly 30 percent ...Full Article

Cisco Expands Container Infrastructure Effort

Cisco Systems is taking an infrastructure approach to container-based application deployment via an open source project designed to define operational specifications for networking, storage and computing. Project Contiv unveiled ...Full Article

Cisco Doubles Down in China

Cisco Systems continues to expand its considerable presence in China despite growing friction between U.S. high-tech companies and the government of Chinese President Xi Jinping. On the eve of ...Full Article

Cisco Fills Out Intercloud Fabric Ecosystem

Cisco Systems this week rolled out what is says are the final pieces of its Intercloud Fabric that targets the growing enterprise shift to hybrid cloud infrastructure while allowing ...Full Article

Cisco to Acquire Piston Cloud Computing

A wave of technology industry consolidation continues as established companies coping with market disruptions tap into their cash reserves to both acquire new capabilities while seeking synergies in areas ...Full Article

Robbins Succeeds Chambers at Cisco

Chuck Robbins, a 17-year veteran of Cisco Systems, was named Monday (May 4) to succeed Silicon Valley icon John Chambers as CEO of the global networking giant. Robbins' ascension ...Full Article

Cisco Survey Sees Evolving Security Threats

IT infrastructure and the applications they deliver along with emerging open-source web frameworks remain the most attractive targets for hackers and cyber-criminals, according to new web security research data. ...Full Article

Cisco Bolsters SDN Push with Embrane Deal

Cisco Systems launched its software-defined networking protocol called OpFlex last year as a counter to OpenFlow, a move that drew a growing list of partners. Among them is Embrane ...Full Article
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