Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, December 8, 2022

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SoftIron Measures Its Carbon Footprint to Make a Point

Since its founding in 2012, London-based software-defined storage provider SoftIron has been making its case for what it calls secure provenance: a term that encompasses the company’s rigorous accounting ...Full Article

The Environmental and Economic Benefits of Knowing Your IT Carbon Footprint

Whether because of rising energy costs, an increase in media coverage on global warming and climate change, or a host of other possible reasons, green IT has been gaining ...Full Article

Toward a Low-Carbon Datacenter

According to a new study, large datacenters could slash greenhouse gas emissions by 88 percent by switching to highly efficient equipment and implementing energy management practices. Full Article

The Carbon Footprint of Hyperscale

<p>Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently stated that the company operates over one million servers. What would it take to power an infrastructure of that magnitude? </p>Full Article

Facebook Refines Energy Reporting

As Facebook extends its reach across the globe, the IT giant's carbon footprint is also expanding. Still, there's something to be said for transparency. Full Article

BT Aims for Net Positive Impact

It's not enough to just limit the harm on the environment, we need to have a net positive impact. This is the message behind BT's Net Good program. Full Article

Cloud Computing Has Green Appeal

<p>As the Internet continues its ascent, so does the concentration of global greenhouse gases. The information technology sector is responsible for 2 percent of worldwide carbon emissions, a footprint ...Full Article

Are Clouds the Fastest Path to Green Computing?

Public and private clouds have been promoted as paradigms of efficiency across a number of dimensions, not the least of which is energy efficiency and the associated carbon footprint. ...Full Article