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All-flash storage

Pure Storage Launches IPO as Flash Eyes Mainstream

All-flash storage array specialist Pure Storage launched a $400 million initial public offering this week, one of the largest technology IPOs of the year, prompting other all-flash vendors to ...Full Article

Tintri Releases All-Flash VM-Aware Storage

Virtualization and cloud storage developer Tintri today released its first all-flash VM-aware storage (VAS), the VMstore T5000 All Flash Series. In addition, the Mountain View, Calif.-based vendor upgraded its operating ...Full Article

Flash Pricing Drops Below $1 Per GB with New Kaminario Array

Flash storage prices continue to fall, something advocates expect will encourage more enterprises to replace more hard disk drives (HDDs) and create all-flash datacenters. With today's announcement of K2 ...Full Article

Toshiba, SanDisk Ready High-Density Flash

Flash memory joint venture partners SanDisk Corp. and Toshiba have released the production schedule for a new generation flash device destined for ultra-high density storage devices. SanDisk and Toshiba ...Full Article

One Way or Another, Flash Storage Hits Datacenters

Flash-based storage arrays—whether all flash or hybrid—are making headway in the datacenter as storage administrators charged with coping with exponential data growth hustle to unclog network bottlenecks that remain ...Full Article

HP Looks to Accelerate All-Flash Datacenters

Hewlett-Packard is aiming to accelerate the transition to the all-flash datacenter with a package of scalable arrays and services tuned to all-flash storage. The flash introduction also provides additional ...Full Article

SanDisk Touts ‘Big Data’ Flash Storage

SanDisk said it is targeting big data workloads with an all-flash storage scheme touted as overcoming a key price barrier for an all-flash storage array. The flash storage specialist ...Full Article
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