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HPE and SGI Receive Six Prestigious HPCwire Awards for HPC Innovation

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, compute power is key to increasing productivity, efficiency, and performance. Organizations of every size and scope are investing heavily in high-performance computing (HPC) solutions in an effort to drive economic growth, scientific discovery, and technological development.

This new culture of innovation – known as the Idea Economy – is inciting a total IT transformation on a global scale. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is at the forefront of this movement, working to deliver industry-leading HPC applications and services that allow customers to accomplish more, faster.

HPE and the newly acquired SGI are joining forces to tackle some of the world’s largest challenges, while conserving time, money, and valuable IT resources. By combining HPE’s best-in-class HPC solutions and SGI’s in-memory, high-performance data analytics capabilities, customers have access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive solution portfolios. Those who successfully adopt and deploy these cutting-edge technologies will have the ability to derive value from vast quantities of data, streamline business operations, and ensure a competitive edge.

Based on these achievements, HPE and SGI were recently recognized in the annual HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards, presented at the annual supercomputing conference (SC16) in Salt Lake City. These prestigious awards are given to technology companies who demonstrate exceptional performance in HPC, networking, storage, data analysis, and other business-critical sectors, and prove to be digital disruptors in their fields.

Together, HPE and SGI received six HPCwire Awards:

Readers' Choice Award - Best Use of HPC in Entertainment

Producing an animated film requires a sophisticated production platform which connects hundreds of artists across a network, from user desktops to large-scale processors in the data center and the cloud. DreamWorks Animation utilizes HPE-enabled, scalable multi-core processing to produce lifelike animations that detail muscle, fur, feathers, and cloth.

Editors' Choice Award - Best Application of Energy-Efficient HPC

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) joined forces with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) to create the most energy efficient supercomputer in the U.S. Hikari, an HPE Apollo 8000 system, combines solar power and liquid cooling to reduce power consumption and operating costs.

Editors' Choice Award - Best Data-Intensive System

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) Bridges system was named the best data-intensive system by HPCwire editors. Backed by a powerful HPE server platform, Bridges is designed to support data-heavy analytics.

Editors' Choice Award - Top 5 Vendors to Watch

HPE is innovating rapidly to deliver a new and highly sophisticated generation of HPC solutions, securing its spot in the Top 5 Vendors to Watch.

Editors’ Choice Award - Best Use of HPC Application in Life Sciences

The Earlham Institute utilizes the SGI UV 300 to analyze living organisms with computational science and biotechnology. This flexible SGI platform promotes massive improvements in speed and performance, enabling scientists to accelerate time-to-discovery.

Editors’ Choice Award – Best HPC Server Product or Technology

The SGI UV 300 is a high-performance, in-memory multiprocessor designed for data-heavy workloads. This revolutionary system optimizes data analytics, visualization, and real-time streaming, making it the Best HPC Server.

From thought leaders to end users, HPE and SGI are striving to make customers highly efficient, productive, and innovative, equipping organizations with the right tools for success. To learn more about these and other HPC capabilities, I invite you to follow me on Twitter at @seidleHPC.

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