Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, June 8, 2023
Google's search engine dominance has been threatened overnight by an obscure AI technology that came out of the blue, and the tech giant is now taking steps to catch up. Since its introduction late last year, the ChatGPT chatbot has been considered a significant threat to the way people search for information. The chatbot is ... Full article
Since it was released in late November, ChatGPT has become the latest internet sensation, generating well-written articles, songs, and term papers. More than 100 million people have flocked to try out the free service, which has strained resources powering it. Now the large language model’s creator, OpenAI, is promising priority seating for ChatGPT users who ... Full article
Is there an economic storm brewing in the public cloud sector? IT asset management firm Device42 thinks the skies could be darkening. The company has released the results of its Cloud Adoption Survey that found 20% of businesses have or intend to redeploy workloads from the cloud to on-premises infrastructure. The report’s key findings show a mixed ... Full article
According to a 2021 survey of state-level CIOs, the pandemic has highlighted the value of technology and how it is critical to the delivery of government services and the productivity of state employees. The survey also revealed the biggest driver for state governments is the need to digitize: “better online experience for citizens.” Perhaps nowhere ... Full article
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published the AI Risk Management Framework, document intended to help organizations voluntarily develop and deploy AI systems without bias and other negative outcomes. The document has a very good shot at defining the standard legal approach that organizations will use to mitigate the risks of AI ... Full article
Artificial intelligence is no longer relegated to tech-heavy, research-oriented fields like data science or robotics. Developments in AI have expanded its reach in many sectors, including healthcare, energy, and financial services. Though these technologies have catapulted modernization in many industries, the sector of physical operations has seen less technological progress, according to Samsara, purveyor of ... Full article
Microsoft announced it has entered a third phase of its long-term partnership with OpenAI, creators of the famed DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT generative AI technologies. The company first partnered with OpenAI in 2019 and again in 2021 with a $1 billion investment and continues to have an exclusive partnership with the ChatGPT creator to train its AI ... Full article
New cybersecurity attack vectors are emerging to steal data and break into systems, but Nvidia has an artificial intelligence toolkit that constantly learns to keep up with the fast changes. The graphics chip maker is adding its Morpheus software development kit, which is targeted at cybersecurity, to its AI Enterprise 3.0, which was announced last ... Full article
ChatGPT was introduced just seven weeks ago, but the AI has already garnered a lifetime’s worth of hype. It’s anybody’s guess whether this particular technology opens the AI kimono for good or is just a blip before the next AI winter sets in, but one thing is certain: It’s kickstarted an important conversation about AI, ... Full article
Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced it has acquired Pachyderm, a startup whose open source software automates reproducible machine learning pipelines for large-scale AI applications. The purchase price and terms of the deal were not disclosed. When it comes to achieving transparent and accurate results for ML projects, the ability to reproduce training data pipelines is important ... Full article
Microsoft, which is already invested in OpenAI to the tune of $1 billion and enjoys an exclusive partnership with it to train its AI models, reportedly is looking to invest $10 billion in the company following the breakout success of OpenAI’s latest large language model, ChatGPT. ChatGPT, which was released as a research tool by OpenAI on November 30, ... Full article
Intel will provide a one-stop shop for customers to measure the performance of their AI applications on their different chips. The company later this year will arm its Intel Developer Cloud service with the ability to run head-to-head comparisons of machine-learning tasks on GPUs, Xeon CPUs and other accelerators like Gaudi2. "Customers can find out ... Full article
After a number of delays, Intel has launched its fourth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor, codenamed Sapphire Rapids, the successor to Ice Lake. Manufactured on the Intel 7 node (formerly known as 10nm) and sporting up to 60 Golden Cove cores per processor plus new dedicated accelerator cores, the platform offers a 1.53x average performance gain over ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Roland Acra PsiQuantum appointed Roland Acra as its chief business officer. Acra will be responsible for leading the company’s business strategy, including commercial, global market expansion, quantum applications and ... Full article
A new AI architecture called XDNA is changing the way AMD designs chips of the future. During a keynote at CES, AMD's CEO Lisa Su shared how it was baking artificial intelligence features directly into chip designs, which bring a fundamentally different way to process information on conventional CPUs. "AI is truly the most important ... Full article
Nvidia has not been very clear on how it was helping build the "plumbing" for the metaverse, a grand concept which has been derided by critics as unrealistic. The graphics chipmaker this week shared insights into how it gives birth to avatars, and provides them with interactive speech and gesture abilities. Avatars are a key ... Full article
The ChatGPT and other chatbots released this year have spawned a debate about the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence, but also its impact on society. The newest AI, ChatGPT, was introduced by OpenAI three weeks ago without any fanfare, but it took the world by storm. Users can ask simple queries and get answers ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Dina Alnahdy  mCloud Technologies Corp, a provider of cloud technology solutions, appointed Dina Alnahdy to its board of directors. Alnahdy is a founding board member and chief executive officer ... Full article
Nvidia has its 2023 AI aspirations set with a new version of its AI software stack to go along with its Hopper GPUs. The AI Enterprise 3.0 software marks a change in the way Nvidia approaches its artificial intelligence product stack, with a reliance on partners to explore applications and pretrained models it makes available ... Full article
HPE is expanding the tentacles of its private cloud offering called GreenLake by adding more connections to the public cloud offerings from Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure.  The company is adding hooks that will make it easier for customers to deploy public cloud instances on on-prem cloud hardware. While that's not a new concept, it ... Full article