Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Run:ai, a provider of an AI virtualization layer that helps optimize GPU instances, yesterday announced a Series C round worth $75 million. The funding figures to help the fast-growing company expand its sales reach and further development the platform. GPUs are the beating heart of deep learning today, but the limited nature of the computing ... Full article
Intel has announced that it is making an “initial” €33 billion (~$36 billion) investment across the semiconductor value chain in Europe. The investment — which spans R&D, manufacturing and packaging — comes at a time when sovereignty is, more than ever, a headline priority for the continent. What was announced? A “Silicon Junction” in Germany ... Full article
Selector, an AIOps, analytics and observability platform provider, has announced it raised $28 million in a Series A funding round, bringing its total funding to $33 million. Selector will use these new funds for its market strategy and expansion in North America and investment in R&D. AIOps technology uses artificial intelligence to automate IT operations. ... Full article
The study of archaeology is like a key – it unlocks the past through its search for and analysis of ancient items that have survived over the ages. Historically, it has been a discipline that takes time and patience to reveal its secrets. Recent technological revolutions have advanced knowledge in the field. With the help ... Full article
Nvidia has announced that it has acquired Excelero. The high-performance block storage provider, founded in 2014, will have its technology integrated into Nvidia’s enterprise software stack. Nvidia is not disclosing the value of the deal. Excelero’s core product, Excelero NVMesh, offers software-defined block storage via networked NVMe SSDs. NVMesh operates through networked drives on-prem or ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Peter Buckingham SambaNova Systems, an AI systems company, has named Peter Buckingham to vice president of software engineering. Buckingham is responsible for enabling the software team to capture the ... Full article
Quantum computing is poised to become the next breakthrough technological advancement in how organizations leverage IT resources for a competitive advantage. With the recent surge in academic and industry analyst research dedicated to this computational paradigm, many believe it will mirror the impact of artificial intelligence as a ubiquitous means of solving computational problems that far ... Full article
Graphcore introduced its AI-focused, PCIe-based Intelligent Processing Units (IPUs) six years ago. Since then, the company has done anything but slow down, announcing a second generation of IPUs in 2020 and, over the years, larger and larger IPU-based “IPU-POD” systems — most recently the IPU-POD128 and the IPU-POD256, both announced just a few months ago. ... Full article
Cerebras Systems, pioneer of wafer-scale computing for AI and HPC, today announced that TotalEnergies (formerly “Total”) has deployed the Cerebras CS-2 system at its Houston facilities to accelerate its multi-energy research. The news marks the first publicly disclosed customer win for Cerebras in the energy sector. “This is a new segment for us,” Andrew Feldman, ... Full article
A new industry consortium aims to establish a die-to-die interconnect standard – Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) – in support of an open chiplet ecosystem. Intel Corporation donated the UCIe 1.0 spec, which was then ratified by the 10 promoter members that span chip companies, semiconductor suppliers and cloud service providers. The charter roster consists ... Full article
Across the globe, the same pattern is seen – data centers are slowly becoming a detriment to the environment. While energy usage has stabilized around 2-3 percent   of the world’s electricity, thanks to innovations in cooling methods, the amount of e-waste is growing to over 50 million metric tons per year according to the ... Full article
Next time your power stays on during a severe weather event, you may have a machine learning model to thank. Researchers at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab are using artificial intelligence to solve power grid failures. The manager of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, Jie Chen, and his colleagues have developed a machine learning model ... Full article
AI chip and systems specialist SambaNova today announced a new offering – SambaNova GPT Banking – intended to simplify and speed deployment of GPT models in the financial services industry. The new service is available now and becomes part of SambaNova’s expanding dataflow-as-a-service portfolio although pricing was not disclosed. “Think of dataflow-as-a-service as the umbrella ... Full article
Aporia, an observability platform for machine learning, has announced a $25 million Series A funding round, bringing its total funding to $30 million. With the ever-expanding use of AI for business intelligence, data integrity and trustworthiness of predictions made by machine learning models have become important concerns. There are notable examples of what happens when ... Full article
Harnessing the power of the stars – which are fueled by clean, stable, high-output nuclear fusion energy – is a lofty goal for meeting our world’s ever-increasing energy needs. Fusion now seems closer than ever thanks to artificial intelligence. Researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland are leveraging their vast experience with ... Full article
Venture-backed startup Sway AI has announced the launch of its no-code enterprise AI platform. The company says its platform allows AI solutions to be built and deployed quickly without AI or coding experience. Sway AI’s patent-pending technology allows business users, technical non-AI users, and technical users with AI proficiency to build AI workflows without code. The ... Full article
AI is a critical element of many modern video games, enabling non-player allies and opponents to intelligently move and act in response to player actions. But as games have become more complex—incorporating increasingly true-to-life physics, intricate game mechanics, and high player expectations of non-player intelligence—AI has struggled to keep pace with those more authentic worlds ... Full article
Most companies embarked on their AI journey thinking they would build large AI systems that would take over entire workstreams end-to-end. After several years of proofs of concept and experimentation, it is clear that AI is a fantastic prediction machine, arguably the best prediction machine we will ever have, but judgment requires human engagement. And ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Jerry Conway Sema4, an AI-driven genomic and clinical data intelligence platform company, appointed Jerry Conway as its senior vice president of market access. Conway brings more than 30 years ... Full article
Today’s industrial marketplace depends on industrial AI, which is being embraced by IT and operations decision makers in process engineering companies as a significant driver in their digital transformation strategies. But getting the most out of industrial AI depends on successfully scaling an industrial AI strategy across a business organization. Here are critical steps to ... Full article