Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, September 20, 2021
In a move to solidify its position in the emerging market for enterprise AI platforms, DataRobot today announced the completion of a $300 million Series G round of funding. The Boston company also announced the acquisition of MLOps provider Algorithmia for an undisclosed sum. DataRobot has emerged as an early leader in the market for enterprise ... Full article
Untether AI, which specializes in AI inferencing chips for neural networks, cloud infrastructure and more, recently sought $100 million in new Round B funding for its operations and growth. Instead, there was so much interest from investors that the round was oversubscribed by 25 percent – instead bringing in $125 million, the company said in ... Full article
AI poses great potential for improving productivity in the technology workplace, Salwa Alamir of JPMorgan Chase said in her plenary session at PEARC21. A data-driven ML approach can help identify worker skills necessary for a job or a role in a given project, determine how projects can be sped up via improved task management and ... Full article
Just a month after unveiling its latest Versal AI Edge accelerators, FPGA maker Xilinx has announced its newest device family, the Versal HBM series, which includes fast memory, secure connectivity and adaptable compute in a single platform. Built for use in data centers, networking, aerospace, defense and a wide range of markets and processes where high-performance ... Full article
Disappointment abounds when your data scientists dial in the accuracy on deep learning models to a high degree but are then eventually forced to gut the model for inference because of resource constraints. Fortunately, that will not happen often using the latest release of Nvidia’s TensorRT inference engine, which can run the BERT-Large transformer model ... Full article
Chipmaker GlobalFoundries is planning to spend $1 billion to add needed chip manufacturing capacity as soon as possible at its fab plant in Malta, N.Y., while also unveiling its intentions to add an all-new fab plant that will double its overall chip production. The announcements came July 19 (Monday) in a ceremony at the company’s ... Full article
The industrial sector is currently in the middle of its next pivotal transformation, which this time it is a digital transformation driven by the industrial internet of things, AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Compounding it are generational shifts in the workforce between veteran domain workers and newer hires who are more tech-savvy but lack ... Full article
When Intel launched plans in March to spend $20 billion to launch two new fabs to dramatically increase its computer chip production capabilities, it was a big deal, coming just a month after Pat Gelsinger rejoined the company as its new CEO. Now that plan is perhaps being bolstered by a fresh report that Intel ... Full article
Marketing software vendor ZoomInfo is expanding its go-to-market services to enterprises by acquiring, which uses AI to capture data insights from phone calls, video meetings, sales meetings, emails and more. The $575 million acquisition, which was announced July 13 (Wednesday), will add another tool to ZoomInfo's broad business intelligence and engagement services to enterprises, ... Full article
Algolux, a computer vision startup that builds software for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and for autonomous vehicles, has secured $18.4 million in new Series B funding from a group of investors that includes General Motors’ investment division, GM Ventures. The new funding, which raises the Montreal, Canada-based company’s total funding to $31.8 million so ... Full article
With the use of AI exploding in business, healthcare, research and other fields, Indiana University is opening a new $35 million AI center that aims to train more students in the study of AI, machine learning and related computer science disciplines. The Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence, which was unveiled June 23 and will open ... Full article
In the world of machine learning, reinforcement learning is an important sub-category of deep learning. In deep learning the human brain is mimicked through a hierarchical structure of human-made, artificial neural networks. Reinforcement learning (RL) is a basic machine learning paradigm that does not require the raw data to be labeled, as is required typically ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Jim Anderson Altair, a simulation, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence solutions provider, appointed Jim F. Anderson to its board of directors. Anderson has more than 25 years of IT ... Full article
When it comes to funding rounds for AI startups so far in 2021, there have been some sizable investments made. Scale AI brought in a $325 million Series E round in April, Chinese startup Enflame raised $278.5 million in January and Mythic AI unveiled a $70 million Series C round in May. But not all ... Full article
Almost six months into President Joe Biden's first term as president, the administration and the Pentagon have canceled the controversial $10 billion JEDI cloud modernization contract that was previously awarded to Microsoft Corp. in late 2019 under then-President Donald Trump. Since the contract was awarded, its status has been up in the air. U.S. military ... Full article
Artificial intelligence is running into some age-old engineering tradeoffs. For example, increasing the accuracy of neural networks typically means increasing the size of the networks. That requires more compute resources and leads to increased power consumption. The size of neural networks doubles every 3.5 months. Left unchecked, it is forecast that 15 percent of the ... Full article
Jim Whitehurst, the former Delta Air Lines COO who joined Red Hat in January 2008 and led the open source and Linux company as it was acquired by IBM in July of 2019, is now out at IBM. Whitehurst’s departure was one of a series of executive changes made by Big Blue on July 2 ... Full article
Fueled by ethics and privacy concerns about the use of AI in healthcare, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a report calling for the use of six “guiding principles” for creating and using ethically and safely managed AI to protect patients while improving their care. The 165-page report, “Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence ... Full article
AMD’s planned acquisition of FPGA maker Xilinx is now in the hands of Chinese regulators after needed antitrust approvals for the $35 billion deal were received from the European Commission (EC) and from the UK government this week. The acquisition, which was announced in October of 2020, already received needed reviews and approvals from a ... Full article
While Nvidia again dominated the latest round of MLPerf training benchmark results, the range of participants has expanded. Yes, Google’s forthcoming TPU v4 performed well, but competitors also shined. Intel had broad participation, featuring systems with 3rd Gen Xeons and with its Habana Labs Gaudi chips, while Graphcore had submissions based on its IPU chips. ... Full article