Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, July 21, 2024
Fujitsu and Mizuho Financial Group have partnered to track trends in humpback whale migration and promote sustainable tourism for Hachijo Island, a popular tourist destination. The island features historical remnants from different periods of Japanese history and stunning views of the dormant volcano Hachijō-Fuji.  The primary goal of the project is to conserve the island's ... Full article
NinjaTech AI, a San Francisco-based startup that offers conversational artificial intelligence for business, has announced the public beta launch of its new AI agent service Ninja. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) purpose-built machine learning (ML) chips, Ninja goes beyond traditional AI assistants and co-pilots by bringing autonomous agents to market.  Ninja has the ability ... Full article
One of the largest hurdles to trustworthy and responsible AI is the concept of the black box, and Anthropic just took a big step towards opening that box. For the most part, humans aren’t able to understand how AI systems output answers. We know how to feed these models large amounts of data, and we ... Full article
Fujitsu, one of the leading technology and business solutions providers, has been chosen for the research and development project for the enhanced infrastructures for post-5G information and communication systems. This project is part of the Generative AI Accelerator Challenge (GENIAC) initiative by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). The goal of the ... Full article
High-intensity and high-repetition lasers emit powerful bursts of light in rapid succession, capable of firing multiple times per second. Commercial fusion energy plants and advanced compact radiation sources are common examples of systems that rely on such laser systems. However, humans are a major limiting factor as the human response time is insufficient to manage ... Full article
Today, IBM declared that it is releasing a number of noteworthy changes to its watsonx platform, with the goal of increasing the openness, affordability, and flexibility of the platform’s AI capabilities. Announced during the Think 2024 conference – an annual event held in Boston this year – these changes are part of an overall strategy ... Full article
With the help of generative AI, researchers from MIT and the University of Basel in Switzerland have developed a new machine-learning framework that can help uncover new insights about materials science. The findings of the study were published in Physical Review Letters. As water transitions from liquid to solid state, it undergoes significant transformation properties, ... Full article
UAE-based Core42 is building an AI supercomputer with 172 million cores which will become operational later this year.  The system, Condor Galaxy 3, was announced earlier this year and will have 192 nodes with Cerebras WSE-3 chips. The WSE-3 megachip is over 50 times larger than Nvidia’s GPUs and packs significantly more horsepower. Cerebras WSE2 vs ... Full article
Data engineers historically have toiled away in the virtual basement, doing the dirty work of spinning raw data into something usable by data scientists and analysts. The advent of generative AI is changing the nature of the data engineer’s job, as well as the data she works with–and ETL software developer Matillion is right there ... Full article
On Tuesday May 14th, Google announced its sixth-generation TPU (tensor processing unit) called Trillium.  The chip, essentially a TPU v6, is the company’s latest weapon in the AI battle with GPU maker Nvidia and cloud providers Microsoft and Amazon, which have their own AI chips. The TPU v6 will succeed the TPUv5 chips, which came ... Full article
Nvidia’s new Grace Hopper Superchip (GH200) processor has landed in nine new worldwide systems. The GH200 is a recently announced chip from Nvidia that eliminates the PCI bus from the CPU/GPU communications pathway.  As announced by Nvidia at ISC 2024, New Grace Hopper-based supercomputers coming online include EXA1-HE, in France, from CEA and Eviden; Helios ... Full article
Some scientific computing applications cannot sacrifice accuracy and will always require high-precision computing. Therefore, conventional high-performance computing (HPC) will remain essential, even as many applications transition to AI and low-precision computing, which may sacrifice some accuracy. “We need to ensure that we don’t lose that high-precision arithmetic as we focus on some commercial applications,” said ... Full article
AI is one of the most transformative and valuable scientific tools ever developed. By harnessing vast amounts of data and computational power, AI systems can uncover patterns, generate insights, and make predictions that were previously unattainable. As we find ourselves on the cusp of an AI revolution, scientists are beginning to question how this technology ... Full article
NVIDIA, the world leader in accelerated computing,  is driving a fundamental shift in the high-performance computer (HPC) industry. This week NVIDIA detailed how its AI chips are accelerating innovation for AI-powered systems for advanced supercomputing and scientific discovery.   The chipmaker announced at the ISC High Performance event in Hamburg that new supercomputers around the globe ... Full article
Google DeepMind, an Alphabet subsidiary focusing on AI, ML, and neuroscience research, has unveiled an improved version of its AI model that predicts the structure and interactions between biological molecules with unprecedented accuracy.  The upgraded AlphaFold 3 will enable researchers to test potential discoveries in medicine, materials science, drug development, and other fields. The details ... Full article
As of the 63rd edition of the TOP500, the Aurora supercomputer out of Argonne National Laboratory has officially broken the exascale barrier with an HPL score of 1.012 exaflops. This is an enormous improvement over the machine’s score of 585.34 petaflops from the previous list and a major achievement for the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility ... Full article
Although LLMs are getting all the notice lately, AI techniques of many varieties are being infused throughout science. For example, Harvard researchers, Google, and colleagues published a 3D map in Science this week that reveals a small chunk of as human brain in astonishing detail. Imaging the roughly cubic millimeter of tissue produced 1.4 petabytes of data. ... Full article
The 63rd installment of the TOP500 list is available today in coordination with the kickoff of ISC 2024 in Hamburg, Germany. Once again, the Frontier system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA, retains its spot as the most powerful machine on the list with an HPL score of 1.206 exaflops. However, this new ... Full article
Last year in December, Databricks, a leading provider of data intelligence and AI solutions, announced a new suite of tools to get GenAI applications to production using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Since then, we have witnessed a rapid rise in RAG applications as enterprises are investing heavily in building GenAI applications.  Traditional language models come ... Full article
As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize various industries, organizations are exploring new ways to tap into the transformative potential of AI technologies. While the majority of business leaders believe that AI is essential for business sustainability, has their organization been successful in adopting AI?  According to a study by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Company (HPE), too many ... Full article