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Please use this EnterpriseAI  2023 editorial calendar to keep up to date with the latest themes and events at the nexus of AI and advanced-scale computing in the new year. Thank you for reading EnterpriseAI.

AI in the Retail Industry


CES: January 5–8 – Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas, Nevada

Virtual AI Summit: Jan. 30–31

AI Architectures in the Cloud
AI Ethics – Algorithm Accountability


IoT Evolution Expo: Feb. 14–17, Ft. Lauderdale, aFL,

2023 Stanford Conference (organized by HPC-AI Advisory Council): Feb. 14–16, all-remote

AI Summit West: Feb. 15–16 – San Francisco

RICE Energy High Performance Computing Conference: Feb 28 – March 2, Houston

AI Supercomputing
AI in the Energy Industry


Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC) – Spring 2023: March 20–23, 2023, Online

MemCon: March 28–29, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, Calif.

MLconf NYC: March 30

AI & Government
Open source and AI


2023 Swiss Conference & HPCXXL: April 3–6, Lugano, Switzerland

World Summit AI Americas: April 19–20, Montreal

AI Systems Summit Research: April xx (exact dates TBD), Virtual

IoT and Edge AI
AI and Advanced Simulation-Modeling


IBM THINK 2023: May. 9–11, Lowes Resort at Universal Studios, Orlando

AI X Summit: May 9–11, Boston

SAP Sapphire & Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) Annual Conference: May 16–17, Orlando

AI and Big Data Expo North America 2023: May 17–18, Santa Clara, Calif.

38th International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 2023): May 21–May 25, Hamburg

Dell Technologies World: May 22–25, Las Vegas

Red Hat Summit: May 23–25, Boston

TERATEC 2023 Forum: May 31–June 1, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

Machine Learning-Deep Learning Democratization
AI Adoption Globally


Bloomberg Collision: June 26–29, Toronto

HPE Discover: June 20–22, Las Vegas

AI in Factory Automation
Data Science Automation

Events – n/a

AI: Task Automation vs. Augmented Decision Making
AI Management: Implementation at Enterprise Scale


Hot Interconnects, Aug TBD, location TBD

Hot Chips: A Symposium on High Performance Chips, Aug. 27-29, planned as a hybrid conference in the San Francisco Bay Area

AI Manufacturing 2023 Conference: Aug. 22–24, Dallas

VMware Explore: Aug. 21 – Aug. 24, Las Vegas

Conversational AI
Advanced AI in Financial Services


HPC User Forum Fall 2023: Sept. 6–7, Tucson, Arizona

AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit: Sept. 12–14, Santa Clara, Calif.

IoT World and the AI Summit Austin: Sept. 20–21, Austin, Texas

HPC & AI on Wall Street

Cloud Adoption Strategies
Autonomous Vehicles


AI World Government: Oct. 6–7, Washington, DC & Virtual

World Summit AI: Oct. 11–14, Amsterdam

Gartner IT Symposium: Oct 16–19, Orlando

OCP Global Summit: Oct. 17–19, San Jose, Calif.

AI Accelerator Summit: Oct. 19, Boston

AI and HPC (SC23)
AI Architectures


Montreal AI Summit: Nov. 1-2, Montreal

SC23: Nov. 12-17, Denver

AI and Big Data Global Expo: Nov. 30-Dec. 1, London

Cybersecurity: AI and ML


The AI Summit New York: Dec. 6-7, Javits Center, New York City

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