Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Applied Micro Plots Out X-Gene ARM Server Future

At the Hot Chips 26 conference being hosted in Silicon Valley this week, upstart ARM server chip maker Applied Micro is presenting details on its roadmap for its X-Gene ...Full Article

AMD Details “Seattle” ARM Server Chip

The annual Hot Chips conference is underway this week in Silicon Valley, and there is not much on the enterprise front on day one. Japanese supercomputer makers NEC and ...Full Article

Dell Sees Server Uptick, Awaits Demand For ARM

Dell is no longer a public company, so we can't look at its quarterly financial results to get a sense of how its various business units are doing. But, ...Full Article

IBM Chip Talks Stall as Focus Shifts to R&D

IBM Microelectronics' fire sale of its flagging semiconductor unit has yet hit another snag after talks between the company and potential suitor Globalfoundries reportedly broke down over how much ...Full Article

The Beginnings Of Hyperscale At Google

Fifteen years ago, Google did what every startup on the Internet dreams of: It closed its first round of venture funding, put out its first press release, and took ...Full Article

MLB Goes Virtual As Stat Apps Enter The Lineup

The cloud and networking technology behind the business of Major League Baseball is increasingly based on virtualization that is replacing the monolithic, physical infrastructure built up over the last ...Full Article

Shared Memory Clusters: Observations On Processor Virtualization

In the preceding articles on Shared Memory Clusters, I have been making a distinction between truly distributed systems – those that must explicitly copy data between systems – and ...Full Article

IBM Forging Bigger Power8 Systems, Adding FPGA Acceleration

IBM launched its first servers based on the Power8 processors back in April, and the initial machines were aimed at scale-out clusters as well as at customers needing a ...Full Article

Shared Memory Clusters: Observations On Capacity And Response Time

Our marketing friends correctly observe that Shared-Memory Clusters (SMCs) can provide scads of processors and buckets full of memory, all the while with the programming and often performance efficiency ...Full Article

IBM Systems Biz Stabilizes In Q2

The systems business at IBM started to stabilize in the second quarter, with X86 servers and mainframes showing improvements and entry Power Systems machines based on the company’s Power8 ...Full Article
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