Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, June 24, 2024

Facebook Whips Systems Into Shape With Customized Chef

Like many modern corporations that exist mainly to supply a service over the Internet, Facebook would like to use open source software wherever practical in its infrastructure and with ...Full Article

How Branched Out And Embraced Scale is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and sharing family histories, and it knows all about the issues of scaling up IT operations to match a growing number of users. ...Full Article

Dell Grabs Puppet to Master Competitor Systems

Ahead of next week's Dell World event in its hometown of Austin, Texas, the recently privatized IT giant is revving a new release of its Active System Manager. The ...Full Article

Red Hat Linux Adds Time Stamp, NVM, and Virtual Hot Plug

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is by far the dominant variant of commercially supported Linux in the enterprise, and based on anecdotal evidence has an even larger share of Linux ...Full Article

Amadeus Travel Goes Up Tempo with CouchbaseDB

In the near future, if you search for a flight online, it’s likely that your query will run against Couchbase’s NoSQL database. That’s because Amadeus, the Spanish company that ...Full Article

Facebook Adds Retro Relational to Massive Hadoop Analytics

If there is one lesson that all extreme scale system designs teach us over and over again, it is that you have to tailor the system for the specific ...Full Article

Big Hadoop Shops Are on a Hockey Stick Growth Curve

As the dominant supplier of commercially supported Hadoop software, Cloudera has perhaps the best view of what is going on among large enterprises as they use the platform. To ...Full Article

Univa Takes Over Control of Grid Engine from Oracle

The debate over the future of the Grid Engine grid scheduler is over. Univa has acquired the source code, copyrights, and trademarks associated with the software from Oracle and ...Full Article

Ubuntu Server Linux Wrapped in Latest OpenStack

The quickest way to get your hands on a commercially supported variant of the new "Havana" OpenStack cloud orchestrator is to go to Canonical and get its Ubuntu Server ...Full Article

Monsanto Drops $930M to Acquire Weather Analytics Firm

Farming is big business, and, infused with big data analytics, has the potential to be even bigger. This reality is not lost on agriculture monolith, Monsanto, which yesterday announced ...Full Article
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