Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, July 25, 2024

Stanford HAI AI Index Report: Responsible AI

As AI tools find their way into just about every aspect of modern life, the question remains as to how society can ensure this technology is developed and used ...Full Article

MRII Study Reveals Market Researchers Have a Positive Attitude Toward AI at the Workplace

The first round of data from a global study by Market Research Institute International (MRII) reveals that market researchers are feeling positive about GenAI’s potential to enhance job performance ...Full Article

Adobe Previews New GenAI Tools for Video Workflows

Adobe Inc. has unveiled new GenAI features for Premiere Pro, its flagship video editing platform. The GenAI tools are powered by Adobe's Firefly AI model, a product of Adobe ...Full Article

Exciting Updates From Stanford HAI’s Seventh Annual AI Index Report

As the AI revolution marches on, it is vital to continually reassess how this technology is reshaping our world. To that end, researchers at Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centered AI ...Full Article

Trudeau Announces Billions for the AI Industry

The AI landscape is rapidly evolving and countries are adapting to this change. Those countries that are actively investing in AI are in a better position to leverage the ...Full Article

OpenAI Offers New Fine-Tuning, Customization Options

Fine-tuning plays a vital role in the construction of valuable AI tools. This process of refining pre-trained models with more targeted datasets can allow users to vastly increase a ...Full Article Raises $70M to Introduce Multimodal GenAI Chip

The rapid proliferation of GenAI is continuing to transform how we interact with AI/ML. GenAI is now taking different forms of multimodality, where it has the capability to process ...Full Article

OpenAI and Microsoft Plan $100 Billion ‘Stargate’ Data Center in the U.S.

The surge in demand for GenAI has created a pressing need for AI-powered data centers that have the capabilities to handle complex AI models and process large data volumes. ...Full Article

The Masters: A Tournament of Firsts Embraces the Future with IBM watsonx

The Masters golf tournament has long been synonymous with tradition, elegance, and the pinnacle of the sport. But behind the tournament's timeless charm lies a relentless drive to innovate ...Full Article

OpenAI Develops AI Voice Engine But Deems It Too Risky for General Release

OpenAI recently shared some preliminary results and insights from a preview of Voice Engine - the company’s voice cloning AI model that has been in development since 2022. The ...Full Article
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