Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, February 24, 2024

Retool’s State of AI Report Highlights the Rise of Vector Databases

Artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI (GenAI) has seen a meteoric rise in 2023. It initially gained popularity as a consumer tool, but is now being used by enterprises who ...Full Article

Will GenAI Take Traditional AI Along for the Ride?

Nearly a year after the launch of ChatGPT, companies now are falling over themselves in a rush to adopt generative AI to gain a new competitive advantage or prevent ...Full Article

Alibaba Cloud Unveils AI Innovations To Challenge Amazon And Microsoft

At its annual flagship tech event Apsara Conference, Chinese tech giant Alibaba unveiled its upgraded artificial intelligence (AI) model as part of its ongoing commitment to fuel AI advancement ...Full Article

NVIDIA CEO Hails New Data Science Facility As ‘Starship of The Mind’

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang and NVIDIA co-founder Chris Malachowsky inaugurated the Malachowsky Hall for Data Science & Information Technology at the University of Florida (UF). The 263,000-square-foot ...Full Article

Google Vertex AI Search Add News GenAI Capabilities And Enterprise-Ready Features

Generative AI (GenAI) has ushered in a new era of interactive and multimodal experience for developers, businesses, and governments. For GenAI to achieve its potential, it needs to be ...Full Article Raises $31 Million Series A Investment from Blossom Capital, a leading AI-based search platform and scaling engine, announced it had raised $31 million in Series A funding from Blossom Capital to advance the development of its search ...Full Article

President Biden Unveils AI Executive Order

Artificial intelligence has great potential, for promise and peril. Using AI responsibly can help solve some of the most challenging issues around the globe, but it can also be ...Full Article

AI Safety Summit 2023 – Understanding Global AI Risks

The AI Safety Summit 2023 is set to take place on 1st and 2nd November at the iconic Bletchley Park in the U.K. Some of the world's leading tech ...Full Article

Predibase Launches New Offering to Fine-tune and Serve 100x More LLMs at No Additional Cost

Organizations across industries are under pressure to figure out how and where to use generative AI solutions. More specifically, they are concerned about how to implement Large Language Models ...Full Article

Alluxio Claims 4X GPU Speed Boost for AI Training

Customers that use the high-speed cache in the new Alluxio Enterprise AI platform can squeeze up to four times as much work out of their GPU setups than without ...Full Article
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