Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Could ‘Power Attacks’ Be Threatening Your Datacenter?

If hackers want to knock out server infrastructure, they might not need to target the machines with malware to corrupt their software stack. They might just use malware to ...Full Article

Intel Uses Moore’s Law And Virtualization To Shrink Its Datacenters

Chip maker Intel operates one of the largest clusters in the world to push Moore’s Law along with its electronic design automation systems, as EnterpriseTech has previously revealed. But ...Full Article

3M and Allied Control Cool Clusters with Novec Bubble Bath

One of the more interesting demonstrations at the SC13 supercomputing conference last week in Denver was a Xeon E5 server dunked in a tank of Novec fire suppressant fluid. ...Full Article

Facebook, Google Tout Renewable Energy Projects

Big computing takes big energy. Two of the biggest computing entities on the planet, Facebook and Google, have revealed details of new renewable energy projects that they are involved ...Full Article

Google Spends $600 Million on Finnish Datacenter Expansion

The climate in Finland may not be ideal for many people, but servers, switches, and storage sure like the chilly weather. That is why Google bought an abandoned paper ...Full Article

Are Google’s Next Datacenters Bound for the High Seas?

The next time you hear someone say that Google is managing a fleet of servers, it might be literal as well as figurative. The folks at the Googleplex headquarters ...Full Article

IO Runs the Datacenter Like a System

Building new datacenters is difficult. They are expensive, lengthy, and complex IT projects that have massive up front costs and usually have some surprises. Converging server, storage, and networking ...Full Article

Natural Gas Datacenter Makes Home on the Range

After three years of land acquisitions, zoning applications, and the attainment of a license to generate its own electricity from the local natural gas supply, the Niobrara Data Center ...Full Article

Dell CTO And Fellow Talk Enterprise Tech Convergence

Dell is no stranger to the enterprise data centers of the world and it is the dominant supplier of systems to hyperscale data center operators. The company also has ...Full Article

eBay Juices Utah Modular Datacenter With Fuel Cells, Waste Heat

Online auctioneer eBay opened up the second phase of its datacenter outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, this week and has brought a number of new technologies to bear ...Full Article
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