Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, June 19, 2024

IT Security Shifts From Reactive to Proactive

With security threats growing more sophisticated, the market for information security products is expected to boom over the next five years, led by security testing, IT outsourcing and data ...Full Article

SIEM Gains as Consumer Security Software Fades

Security information and event management (SIEM) software fueled a robust global security software market in 2015 even as sales of consumer security software declined sharply last year, according to ...Full Article

NSA Looks to IT Industry to Harden Vulnerable U.S. Nets

U.S. intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency, are increasingly turning to commercial solutions in their efforts to head off the alarming number of cyber attacks that culminated in ...Full Article

Researchers Endorse ‘Quantum-Safe’ Cloud Security

With cyber attacks on IT infrastructure growing more sophisticated and costly by the day, researchers are looking for new ways to stay ahead of hackers by strengthening encryption. Among ...Full Article

Machine Learning Leveraged to Spot Ransomware

Everyone seemingly is complaining about the spread of ransomware, and now somebody is trying to do something about it using machine learning-based behavioral analytics techniques to track suspicious behavior ...Full Article

Protection in the ‘Data Path’ for Security across Hybrid Environments

Bracket Computing, the hot, highly funded hybrid cloud security platform company, today announced extensions to its “Computing Cell” cloud workload protection platform, a container-like “bubble” that enables “fluid” data ...Full Article

Security Concerns Easing For Cloud Deployment

Promoters of software-defined datacenters insist this is year that the IT strategy gains traction and, according to one upbeat survey, becomes a fixture in U.S. enterprises. A key reason ...Full Article

Conflicted Feelings: Concerns About Cloud Security Growing, But So Is Trust

Organizations are racing to the cloud at an accelerating pace – with growing anxiety. Concerns about cloud security are the core finding of a new study from Intel Security ...Full Article

Consider a ‘Genetically Diverse’ Security Strategy

Worldwide, the HPC market is booming as the industry enters the era of exascale-size data sets, and supercomputing applications expand beyond the academic and scientific world into financial services, ...Full Article

Hospital Ransomware Attacks Spark IT Security Debate

A series of ransomware attacks directed at U.S. hospitals is highlighting the vulnerability of private health records as hackers prey on healthcare facilities with the ability to pay. The ...Full Article
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