News & Insights for the AI Journey|Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Software Defined Container Orchestration Accelerates Deployment of Large Docker Container Clusters

Containers have exploded through the bulkheads of market acceptance that most new technologies must slog through, crossing the chasm in only three years and transforming the way applications are ...Full Article

Detecting ‘Multi-Stage’ Cloud Cyber-Attacks from the Start

From small, hardly noticeable beginnings the biggest cloud cyber-attacks grow. Called multi-stage intrusion attacks, it’s how hackers create a virtual machine in a public cloud to penetrate the on-prem ...Full Article

As Data Analytics Workload Complexity Explodes, FPGAs May Find a Niche in Enterprise Clusters

It’s the holiday season and out of the milling hordes of shoppers at a brick-and-mortar store, an individual consumer approaches the jewelry department. His cell phone is on, releasing ...Full Article

How Rid In-Memory Cache Of Java Jitters is one of the early Internet startups, and as such it has built a lot of its own technology for gathering up pricing information on airfares, hotel rooms, ...Full Article

PSFK Labs Predict the Future of Retail Data

When it comes to the future of retail, PSFK Labs has an idea of what’s in store. According to the latest report in its “The Future of Retail” series, ...Full Article

Google Wallet Founders Personalize In-Store Shopping with Index

home and shop on their computers, thanks to a slew of features from customer reviews to recommended items based on a shoppers browsing history. Already Amazon has charged ahead ...Full Article

Walmart Seeks an Edge with Mobile

When it comes to online sales, it's no surprise that, in the face of online retail giants such as Amazon, the superstore chain Walmart has struggled. But according to ...Full Article

Dynamic Pricing: Here to Stay?

Electronic displays are everywhere, from billboards to airport flight directories. Despite their cost, these displays are ideal for situations when their content frequently needs to be changed. So why ...Full Article

Adobe Branches Out for Retail Analytics

For most consumers, the name Adobe means one of two things: it’s either the program you use for editing photos, or the program you use for reading PDFs. But ...Full Article

SAP Survey Finds Retailers Starving for Tech Talent

When it comes to technology, retailers are struggling to find professionals with everything from managing analytics to simply operating basic equipment, according to a survey by SAP. Although retailers ...Full Article
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