Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Google Wallet Founders Personalize In-Store Shopping with Index

home and shop on their computers, thanks to a slew of features from customer reviews to recommended items based on a shoppers browsing history. Already Amazon has charged ahead ...Full Article

Walmart Seeks an Edge with Mobile

When it comes to online sales, it's no surprise that, in the face of online retail giants such as Amazon, the superstore chain Walmart has struggled. But according to ...Full Article

Dynamic Pricing: Here to Stay?

Electronic displays are everywhere, from billboards to airport flight directories. Despite their cost, these displays are ideal for situations when their content frequently needs to be changed. So why ...Full Article

Adobe Branches Out for Retail Analytics

For most consumers, the name Adobe means one of two things: it’s either the program you use for editing photos, or the program you use for reading PDFs. But ...Full Article

SAP Survey Finds Retailers Starving for Tech Talent

When it comes to technology, retailers are struggling to find professionals with everything from managing analytics to simply operating basic equipment, according to a survey by SAP. Although retailers ...Full Article

Smartphone Role Falls Short of Retail Hopes

Although retailers have a lot to look forward to in near field communication-enabled (NFC) smartphones, which are slated to give the sector a boost by delivering consumer data while ...Full Article

Will Apple’s iBeacon Spell the End of NFC?

Already retailers have tapped into the bluetooth and WiFi capabilities of many smartphones to learn more about shoppers’ behavior as they travel through stores and shopping malls. But with ...Full Article

Senator Releases Code of Conduct for Retail Tracking

Whether you’re applying for a job or are simply protective of your Web-browsing history, the mantra has been the same for years: be careful what you put on the ...Full Article

New Findings Emerge from In-Store Analytics

According to Gartner’s 2013 BI (Business Intelligence) Magic Quadrant, spending for retail analytics is on the rise. The firm estimates that as BI and analytics rise on retailer’s own ...Full Article

Nomi Raises $10M to Expand Retail Analytics

As in-store analytics gain momentum, Nomi, a New York-based marketing optimization platform founded by Salesforce alumni, has raised $10 million to finance its jump beyond the borders of apparel ...Full Article
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