Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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The New ‘King of Cool’ in Manufacturing

Recognizing their competitive value, "Big Industry" has always pioneered the development and use of analytical tools. The key word, though, is "big." Unfortunately, the advantages of analysis tools such ...Full Article

SGI Expands CFD Capability with OpenCFD Acquisition

After acquiring OpenCFD last month, SGI said it would continue to offer the company's flagship open-source CFD software, OpenFOAM, free to the business, government and academic communities under the ...Full Article

Case Study: Engineering ISV Uses Cloud Computing to Increase Productivity in Mining Operations

DEM Solutions designs software that helps mining companies optimize ore-handling equipment. To help customers more quickly calibrate models with physical ore-flow tests, it created an offering that uses Windows ...Full Article

Pentagon Spending Linked to Vital Manufacturing Sector

A representative from The Lexington Institute examines the role of defense spending as economic stimulator.Full Article

CFD Is on a Roll

Advanced modeling software helps manufacturing companies work smarter and faster.Full Article

A Labor Day Look at Automation’s Impact

What happens to the workers when companies can do more with less?Full Article

High Performance Embedded Computing: It’s What’s Under the Hood that Counts

In 2000, Orbotech Ltd. went in search of a better image processing system for their Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines. They quickly realized that the existing solutions addressed both ...Full Article

Manufacturing in the UK

The UK shares many of the same issues and concerns as the US when it comes to establishing a manufacturing renaissance.Full Article

Ten Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

With the end of summer the conference season kicks into high gear again. Here are some selected events you might want to consider attending to advance yourself personally and ...Full Article

How to Create a Successful IT Steering Committee

Five helpful tips to ensure the projects being worked on by IT are the most important ones for the company.Full Article
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