Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Friday, September 25, 2020
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The Road to Exascale: Can Nanophotonics Help?

A new nanoscale light-based device developed at Stanford's School of Engineering transmits data at ultrafast rates while using thousands of times less energy than current technologies. The nanophotonic device ...Full Article

Vision with Action: A Report from the NCMS DM SIG meeting

The NCMS Digital Manufacturing Strategic Interest Group (DM SIG) moves toward a common goal of implementing strategies to advance digital manufacturing in the U.S.Full Article

Case Study: MSC Nastran Used to Optimize Unmanned Aircraft Performance

The Global Observer is an unmanned aircraft with the wingspan of a Boeing 767 but less than 10 percent of the weight designed to provide communications and sensing for ...Full Article

Video: GPUs and HPC: A Match Made in Heaven or is the Devil in the Details?

No question where NVIDIA stands. Watch the video. But others have misgivings.Full Article

Bringing Big Tools to the Little Guys

Jon Riley, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, addresses the plight of the missing middle at SC11. "We call them the missing middle because they basically are in the Valley ...Full Article

Next Generation SGI ICE X Scale-Out Bladed HPC Cluster Introduced at SC11

Since it was first introduced in 2007, SGI has gotten a lot of mileage out of its SGI ICE platforms. With today’s announcement at SC11, the company is upping ...Full Article

Another Leap for Digital Manufacturing: 3-D Printers

The wonderful world of 3D printing continues to grow. From sneaker prototypes to circuit boards, it's a technology whose time has come.Full Article

AMPing Up American Manufacturing

The American Manufacturing Partnership calls for a national effort to support the creation of good jobs by helping US manufacturers reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate product development.  ...Full Article

Time is Momo

Enlisting HPC to save time is a double-edged sword. "Then one day men in grey suits arrive, representatives of the Timesaving Bank. People in town waste too much ...Full Article

Building Babbage’s 19th Century Supercomputer

With SC11 right around the corner – that super show focused on even more super supercomputers and cutting edge HPC technology – it’s fitting to take a moment to ...Full Article
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