Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Thomas, Koric receive IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award

The HPC Innovation Excellence Award distinguishes noteworthy achievements made by projects which make significant use of High Performance Computing (HPC). Recipients of the award are those who have achieved ...Full Article

Help Rebecca Fix Her Vette

For want of a simple part, Rebecca Taylor's beloved 1994 Corvette is out of commission. Rebecca, a senior vice president at the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, wonders ...Full Article

A New Report from the Council on Competitiveness: "Make: An American Manufacturing Movement"

A strategic call to action that identifies major challenges facing U.S. manufacturers and offers recommendations for solving these tough problems.Full Article

ASME Issues Positon Paper on Bolstering U.S. Manufacturing

ASME government relations rep notes anemic support on Capitol Hill for various manufacturing revitalization initiatives.Full Article

Award Winning Modernization of Metal Electroplating Technology Could Save DoD Millions

By adopting a "less is more" approach, a team led by the National Center for Manufacturing Science (NCMS) was able to solve a problem in electroplating that has been ...Full Article

Princess Leia Lives! First 3D Hologram Created by Japanese Tech Company

That’s right, real 3D displays hovering in mid-air.Full Article

Women Could Fill a Void in Manufacturing

Attracting more women to an industry with a prior image of being dull, dirty and dangerous may be the answer to filling manufacturing jobs that remain open despite a ...Full Article

Last Call: Let the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Know Your Concerns

Since last June when the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) was announced by President Obama, members of the AMP team from government, academia and industry have been holding regional meetings ...Full Article

3D Printing – Bringing Manufacturing Home

Paul Tate, executive editor of Manufacturing Exective, blogs that 3D printing could change the face of the manufacturing industry, eliminating supply chains, reshoring manufacturing to the U.S., and producing ...Full Article

Bicycle Racing on the Computer? Modeling and Simulation for a Small Business

Intel's Bill Feiereisen, an avid bicyclist, combines his enthusiasm for the sport with his HPC credentials to take a look at the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in ...Full Article
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