Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, April 24, 2024

LinkedIn Copes with Server Explosion with Revved Up CFEngine

The dream of every Internet startup is for an idea to take off and go mainstream. This is precisely the nightmare of every system administrator that works at these ...Full Article

Google Spends $600 Million on Finnish Datacenter Expansion

The climate in Finland may not be ideal for many people, but servers, switches, and storage sure like the chilly weather. That is why Google bought an abandoned paper ...Full Article

Facebook Adds Retro Relational to Massive Hadoop Analytics

If there is one lesson that all extreme scale system designs teach us over and over again, it is that you have to tailor the system for the specific ...Full Article

Are Google’s Next Datacenters Bound for the High Seas?

The next time you hear someone say that Google is managing a fleet of servers, it might be literal as well as figurative. The folks at the Googleplex headquarters ...Full Article

Xeon Refresh and Engineering Drive Sales at Supermicro

Supermicro makes a living peddling motherboards and system components as well as its own whitebox systems to those who are looking for density and low cost. Like its peers, ...Full Article

Spectra Logic Rides the Data Explosion Wave with Tape

If you listen to the quarterly conference calls of the big IT suppliers who play in the tape market, as we at EnterpriseTech do, invariably you hear them bemoan ...Full Article

Facebook Tech Director Reveals Open Networking Plan

Facebook is a classic example of an exponentially growing business with extreme scale IT needs that cannot do things in the data center the way traditional large enterprises do. ...Full Article

Supply Chain Pushes Fox Into the Cloud

The transition to a converged cloud has led to a fundamental rethinking of business processes at 20th Century Fox, explained CIO John Herbert recently. The move, he says, has ...Full Article

nGage Events Announces Media Partnership with Tabor Communications Inc.

nGage Events and Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI) announced today that they have entered into a media partnership agreement for nGage Events’ DataCenter Insights Summit, taking place at the Hotel Del Coronado, ...Full Article
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