Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Manufacturing in the UK

The UK shares many of the same issues and concerns as the US when it comes to establishing a manufacturing renaissance.Full Article

Ten Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

With the end of summer the conference season kicks into high gear again. Here are some selected events you might want to consider attending to advance yourself personally and ...Full Article

How to Create a Successful IT Steering Committee

Five helpful tips to ensure the projects being worked on by IT are the most important ones for the company.Full Article

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Turns Data Into Knowledge

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software helps manufacturing leaders drive business.Full Article

GE to Hire 1,100 American IT Workers

Political and economic climate inspires at-home job creation.Full Article

Portland’s Green Machine

It's not a car. It's not a motorcycle. It's something entirely new — a green machine that combines the best features of both. Green Lite Motors, located in one ...Full Article

The Pros and Cons of Software Simplication

Should design software be simplified to promote ease of use, or do software complexities provide a barrier against incompetence?Full Article

Addressing the Digital Manufacturing Labor Shortage

Gerry Ledford offers some ideas on how to increase the supply of skilled labor in the first of a two-part series.Full Article

US Manufacturing Reaches Strategic Inflection Point

Although it's hardly time to break out the champagne and strike up the band, the fact that the manufacturing sector in the US is showing a mild resurgence is ...Full Article

Bluebird Electric Vehicle Designed for Speed

The legendary Bluebird racing family attempts to set 500 mph land speed record for electric vehicle.Full Article
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