Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, December 6, 2021

British Pharmaceutical Industry Maps Its Way to Big Data

Thanks to issues ranging from proprietary data silos to patient privacy concerns, imbuing the healthcare industry with a knowledge gained from a country’s worth of patient medical history via ...Full Article

White House Highlights Public-Private Partnerships for Healthcare

Over a year and a half after the Obama Administration announced a $200 million investment in big data projects geared toward healthcare, energy and the environment, the White House ...Full Article

Battlefield Surgeons Add Data to Trauma Kit

In hostile territory, even the most unsuspecting of circumstances can put service men and women in danger. But in addition to the combat helmets and armored vests, troops are ...Full Article

Boston Children’s Combats Strep Throat from Home with Big Data

A new health assessment that combines big data with patient symptoms, called a “home score,” may keep patients suffering from strep throat from having to take a trip to ...Full Article

Deloitte Spots Six Trends for Healthcare Data

As data volumes grow, so too does the term “smart,” which refers to tools that can more easily find a needle of meaning from a haystack. And as we ...Full Article

UK’s NHS Faces Scrutiny as Medical Data Goes Public

With the goal of going paperless by 2018, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has set its sights on an ambitious goal. But as means to that end is ...Full Article

SAS Examines States’ Healthcare with Claims Analytics

As we face the implementation of a new, reformed healthcare system, the ability to compare various plans has established itself as the movement’s backbone. However, the infrastructure thus far ...Full Article

SAP Chairman Sets Sights on Healthcare

To help his company run more efficiently, SAP chairman and co-founder Hasso Plattner has shifted his business to helping humans to run more efficiently as well. Plattner, who turns ...Full Article

NSF Mines Medical Records for Patient Care

Heng Huang, a computer scientist at UT Arlington, has been tasked with leading a National Science Foundation (NSF) project to mine medical records data to personalize patient care and ...Full Article

Data Curbs Healthcare Overtime to Cut Costs

Healthcare labor arguably fills up the industry’s largest division of funding, with some reports estimating that labor alone accounts for roughly 60 percent of operating budgets. But while labor ...Full Article
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