Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Flash Startup to Support VMware Storage Push

In the wake of VMware's launch this week of a new generation of enterprise products aimed at promoting adoption of software-defined storage, third-party storage vendors are lining up to ...Full Article

Researchers Put a New Spin on Graphene Chips

Among the post-silicon candidate materials for future chip manufacturing is graphene, a sheet of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal lattice. One hurdle to the use of graphene as a ...Full Article

Flash Startup NexGen Targets Flash Utilization

NexGen Storage Inc., the flash array specialist spun out earlier this month from SanDisk Corp., unveiled a new hybrid flash array this week along with intelligent caching software designed ...Full Article

Dell Drops Price on All-Flash Storage Arrays

Dell Inc.'s storage unit rolled out a pair of all-flash storage array configurations this week priced as low $25,000 in a bid to overcome cost barriers that have hampered ...Full Article

SanDisk Spins Out Hybrid Storage Unit

SanDisk Corp. said it has completed the spin out of its ioControl unit acquired as part of its deal announced in June 2014 to purchase Fusion-io. The new company ...Full Article

SDS, Hyper-C Gain Traction in Datacenter, Survey Finds

Software-defined storage along with hyper-converged infrastructure may be catching on at the high end of the enterprise market largely because it promises to make life a little easier for ...Full Article

Eliminating the Data Junkyard
sponsored content by General Atomics

Today’s high capacity scale out file (GPFS, Lustre, Isilon) and object (Cleversafe, WOS, Amplidata) storage systems make it easy to store tremendous quantities of data. As a result, many ...Full Article

Liquid Cooling for High Utilization Data Centers
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As the lines blur between traditional HPC and Extreme Scale Commercial Computing, proven solutions for HPC can provide competitive advantage in the commercial segment. Done correctly, liquid cooling results ...Full Article

The EnterpriseHPC’14 Speakers Are Announced!

Keynotes Include: “One Part Moneyball – Two Parts Netflix: The Big Data Approach to Baseball Analytics” Speaker: Vince Gennaro, President, Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) “HPC – Turning ...Full Article

Cray on Flash Tiered Storage for Supercomputing and Big Data
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There’s been a lot of recent talk about SSDs and flash storage, and rightly so. The move to flash storage is happening now—but a major shift, an inflection point, ...Full Article
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