Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Vendors Focus on Docker Security

While its unclear so far whether Docker containers will make much of a dent this year in the datacenter, vendors continue to announce support for the open platform designed ...Full Article

Eliminating the Data Junkyard
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Today’s high capacity scale out file (GPFS, Lustre, Isilon) and object (Cleversafe, WOS, Amplidata) storage systems make it easy to store tremendous quantities of data. As a result, many ...Full Article

Liquid Cooling for High Utilization Data Centers
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As the lines blur between traditional HPC and Extreme Scale Commercial Computing, proven solutions for HPC can provide competitive advantage in the commercial segment. Done correctly, liquid cooling results ...Full Article

The EnterpriseHPC’14 Speakers Are Announced!

Keynotes Include: “One Part Moneyball – Two Parts Netflix: The Big Data Approach to Baseball Analytics” Speaker: Vince Gennaro, President, Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) “HPC – Turning ...Full Article

Cray on Flash Tiered Storage for Supercomputing and Big Data
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There’s been a lot of recent talk about SSDs and flash storage, and rightly so. The move to flash storage is happening now—but a major shift, an inflection point, ...Full Article

The NoSQL Heart of Telco Messaging

You probably haven't heard of Openwave Messaging. But if you get email, voice mail, or other messaging services from a tier-one telecommunications firm, chances are fairly good that you ...Full Article

Univa Takes Over Control of Grid Engine from Oracle

The debate over the future of the Grid Engine grid scheduler is over. Univa has acquired the source code, copyrights, and trademarks associated with the software from Oracle and ...Full Article

Ubuntu Server Linux Wrapped in Latest OpenStack

The quickest way to get your hands on a commercially supported variant of the new "Havana" OpenStack cloud orchestrator is to go to Canonical and get its Ubuntu Server ...Full Article

Editor’s Welcome to EnterpriseTech

It is with great excitement that I introduce you to EnterpriseTech, a new publication that is set to tackle the host of issues large-scale enterprise technology users and decision-makers ...Full Article

OpenZFS Project To Coordinate Open Source Development

The Zettabyte File System, or ZFS for short, developed by the former Sun Microsystems and initially delivered in 2005 with the Solaris 10 version of Unix is arguably one ...Full Article
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