Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, May 23, 2024

Numascale Works with MonetDB to Extend the NumaQ In-Memory Analytics Offering
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NumaQ comes installed and integrated with tested and integrated open source analytics software. NumaQ’s unique scalable in-memory architecture is matched to Spark's in-memory analytics engine, and to R's hunger ...Full Article

Red Hat Upgrades Virtualization Platform

The prolific developers at Red Hat have been relatively quiet in the New Year. Now, the open source leader is picking up the pace with the introduction of the ...Full Article

CoreOS Adds New Rocket Container Features

The latest release of Rocket application container software by hyperscale Linux operating system specialist CoreOS includes new user features and tweaks designed to improve application security and supply a ...Full Article

Latest SAP HANA Release Targets Cloud Transition

SAP, the enterprise application software and database leader, unveiled its next generation HANA business suite built on a new in-memory platform with real-time capabilities that target on-premise, cloud and ...Full Article

New Algorithms For The Modern Datacenter

Quite a few years ago, as a distinguished engineer, I was giving a talk to my network-security peers about algorithms and new trends in technology. I presented a number ...Full Article

IBM Looks to Button Up Cloud Security

The perception that the cloud may be inherently insecure is prompting next-generation platform developers to attempt to bake security and privacy features into their offerings as more devices are ...Full Article

CoreOS Releases Building Block For Distributed Systems

Hyperscale Linux operating system specialist CoreOS said it is releasing its latest open source component for sharing and managing configuration data and other functions used in distributed systems. San ...Full Article

CoreOS Cites Progress on Docker Alternative

CoreOS Inc., the hyperscale Linux operating system upstart, announced a pair of incremental steps in the development of its software container alternative dubbed Rocket. It also highlighted progress on ...Full Article

Open Cloud Development Gaining Momentum

The open source movement coalescing around cloud computing has shifted in two years from developers trying to figure out core features and functionality to today's cloud projects generating "enterprise-ready" ...Full Article

Alibaba Joins MySQL Scaling Effort

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has joined the WebScaleSQL initiative designed to create a set of common extensions aimed at scaling the open source MySQL relational database. Alibaba ...Full Article
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