Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Puppet Labs Rolls App Orchestration Tool

An application orchestration tool from IT automation specialist Puppet Labs aims to improve the deployment and management of IT infrastructure and distributed applications. Puppet Labs, Portland, Ore., said Thursday ...Full Article

Containers: The Case for VM Coexistence

Today, corporations have the technical flexibility to customize the datacenter to better fit their long- and short-term business goals. They are no longer locked into legacy infrastructure upgrades as ...Full Article

Gauging Resource Management as Hadoop Clusters Grow

Among the challenges to broader adoption of Hadoop in the enterprise are supporting multiple users and departments on a single cluster along with leveraging systems handling diverse workloads. Other ...Full Article

DataStax Partners With Microsoft, Unveils Graph Database

DataStax has augmented the latest release of its Cassandra distributed database with an open source, scale-out graph database capability. The upgrade coincides with a preview release of the latest ...Full Article

How to Build a Data Lake in One Simple Step

Gartner turned heads last year when it declared the majority of data lake projects would end in failure. As a self-avowed “old dog” of data warehousing, EMC’s Bill Schmarzo ...Full Article

Cray Forecasts More Enterprise Contracts

Global supercomputer maker Cray's recent deals with Danish and Swiss meteorological organizations further cemented its leadership in the weather business, but Cray predicts blue skies ahead for expanding sales ...Full Article

Univa Grid Engine Takes On Docker Orchestration, Scheduling

Workload management and optimization solutions developer Univa is entering the Docker orchestration frenzy with today's release of the Univa Grid Engine Container Edition product. In September 2014, Univa told EnterpriseTech ...Full Article

Cassandra NoSQL Deployments Convincing Doubters

Apache Cassandra, the Java-based distributed NoSQL database, is making inroads in production despite lingering skepticism about its ability to handle mission critical deployments. While Cassandra remains a second fiddle ...Full Article

Achieving High Performance Computing without the Supercomputer

When most hear the term "High-Performance Computing" or HPC, what often comes to mind is the image of well-funded research laboratories, think CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, where the sheer ...Full Article

HP Ventures Joins Chef Funding Round

Chef Software said it has closed a $40 million funding round as traditional hyperscale datacenter infrastructure development continues to shift to the enterprise. The Seattle-based DevOps automation specialist said ...Full Article
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