Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Linking Academia and Industry in Green IT

Green IT is a part of IT research, which is facing the same difficulties as any other research field. Each player (industry, researchers, universities) has different objectives, different tools ...Full Article

Computer Giants Top EPA Green Power List

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Power Partnership released its quarterly Green Power list with the updated rankings of organizations choosing to go green. Full Article

Meet Audit-Buddy

By taking temperature and humidity readings at multiple heights, Audit-Buddy can help facility managers optimize their operating performance. Full Article

OVH Builds Servers on Demand

French Web hosting company OVH extends do-it-yourself ingenuity to the server level. Servers go from parts to production in under an hour. Full Article

The Carbon Footprint of Hyperscale

<p>Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently stated that the company operates over one million servers. What would it take to power an infrastructure of that magnitude? </p>Full Article

An Efficiency Standard on Every Computer (and Server)

The Department of Energy may soon mandate new labeling and efficiency standards for all computers and servers sold in the United States. Full Article

UK Government Assists Datacenter CO2 Reduction

A consortium led by Cambridge-based startup Alquist has been awarded almost £1 million in UK government funding to help datacenters reduce their carbon footprint. Full Article

Opinion: Think Caring, not Persuasive, Technology

Green is a metaphor for a healthy environment, and greening entails activities to restore and maintain its health. Given its current poor health, virtually all greening is aimed at ...Full Article

EPEAT Green Registry to Add Mobile Devices

The Green Electronics Council is collaborating with UL Environment to extend the EPEAT environmental rating system to include mobile devices. Full Article

Putting Your Computer Where Your Power Is

New Mexico-based startup SELC Corp. has taken the utility computing concept and turned it on its head by asking: instead of sending power to the computer, why not send ...Full Article
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