Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Cloud Computing Has Green Appeal

<p>As the Internet continues its ascent, so does the concentration of global greenhouse gases. The information technology sector is responsible for 2 percent of worldwide carbon emissions, a footprint ...Full Article

Datacenter Operators Weary of Green Messaging

According to a recent survey from the Uptime Institute, there's a new affliction hitting the datacenter community: green fatigue. The small players can't compete with the Googles and Microsofts ...Full Article

CoolEmAll Releases Prototype Datacenter Design Tools

The European Commission-funded project CoolEmAll has released the first prototypes of advanced tools aimed at facilitating more energy-efficient datacenters. Full Article

Swedish Datacenter Saves Big with Seawater

Datacenter operator Interxion uses seawater to cool its Stockholm facilities, saving over a million dollars in energy costs each year. Full Article

Amazon Designs New Green Digs

Amazon's Seattle headquarters are about to get a lot greener. New drawings released by the e-retailer feature a high-concept ultra-modern greenhouse design as the centerpiece of a three-block development ...Full Article

Energy-efficient Many-core Is the PRiME Objective

Electronic engineers and computer scientists in the UK are working to develop more reliable and energy-efficient many-core embedded systems as part of a new five-year program, called PriME. Full Article

Toward an Energy-Efficient, High-Performance Datacenter

A team of researchers from the University of Florida has developed an innovative power management approach that enables high performance low-overhead datacenter operation on pure renewable energy sources.Full Article

Telcos to Slash Energy Use 90 Percent by 2020

Launched three years ago, GreenTouch is a global research consortium dedicated to dramatically improving the energy efficiency of data and communications networks. Despite exponentially-increasing network traffic, the group asserts ...Full Article

CO2 Levels Hit New High

Climate scientists reported that the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide surpassed 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in over a million years. Full Article

A Datacenter Without Walls

When you're running the largest datacenters in the world, low-carbon cooling techniques take on new significance. Microsoft is one of the IT giant's leading the datacenter optimization charge. Over ...Full Article
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