Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, June 24, 2024

Databricks Announces Major Updates to Its AI Suite to Boost AI Model Accuracy

Last year in December, Databricks, a leading provider of data intelligence and AI solutions, announced a new suite of tools to get GenAI applications to production using Retrieval Augmented ...Full Article

HPE Report Finds Organizations Are Overlooking Huge Blind Spots in Their AI Overconfidence

As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize various industries, organizations are exploring new ways to tap into the transformative potential of AI technologies. While the majority of business leaders believe ...Full Article

Accenture and Oracle Collaborate to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption for Finance Teams

Accenture has been one of Oracle's leading systems integration partners over the last decade. However, the partnership dates back to the early days of both companies. The combination of ...Full Article

Red Hat OpenShift AI Announces Integration Support for NVIDIA NIM Microservices

Red Hat and NVIDIA today announced integration support for NVIDIA NIM microservices on Red Hat OpenShift AI. OpenShiftAI is a flexible, scalable MLOps Kubernetes platform with tools to build, ...Full Article

How AI Will Impact the Drug Discovery Pipeline

Creating new medicines is a laborious process, requiring years of worth and mountains of cash to make any significant advances. With so much money and literal lives at stake, ...Full Article

DataRobot ‘Guard Models’ Keep GenAI on the Straight and Narrow

Businesses are eager to deploy generative AI applications, but fears over toxic content, leaks of sensitive data, and hallucinations are giving them pause. One potential solution is to deploy ...Full Article

New Arm Processors Boost Security for AI-enabled SDVs

The auto industry is going through a major transformation. The emergence of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) is reshaping the industry and radically changing how people interact with vehicles. Just like ...Full Article

Intersect360 Research Takes a Deep Dive into the HPC-AI Market in New Report

A new report out of analyst firm Intersect360 Research is shedding some new light on just how valuable the HPC and AI market is. Taking both of these technologies ...Full Article

Amazon’s New AI Assistant Is an Editor to Prevent Hallucinations

Large-language models regularly spit out off-the-rails answers, and companies are introducing editors and guardrails to ensure that responses from AI are more on point. Amazon this week announced the ...Full Article

AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Q

SEATTLE, April 30, 2024 -- Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) today announced the general availability of Amazon Q, the most capable generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant for accelerating software ...Full Article
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