Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, June 24, 2024

IBM, Cleveland Clinic, And Hartree Center Collaborate To Advance Healthcare Through Advanced Computing

Cleveland Clinic, IBM, and Hartree Center have partnered to advance healthcare and life sciences through advanced computing technologies, including AI and quantum computing.  The partnership brings together an international ...Full Article

GenAI Lost in Translation? Assessing Advanced Technology’s Language Gap in Life Sciences

As various industries explore new applications for advanced intelligence, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) continues to gain traction. Its ability to process complex data, uncover hidden patterns, automate tasks and ...Full Article

Anthropic Unveils Strategies For Testing And Mitigating Elections-Related Risks

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has emerged as a transformative force in various sectors, including finance, IT, and healthcare. While the benefits of GenAI are undeniable, its application in the ...Full Article

LLM Spotlight: Falcon

The Falcon family of large language models (LLMs) – developed by the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) in Abu Dhabi – demonstrate impressive capabilities. Falcon LLMs span across a wide ...Full Article

Using AI to Keep Scammers and Fraudsters (a Little More) Honest

Fraudsters and scammers have had a good run lately according to the FTC, which found Americans lost $10 billion to frauds and scams in 2023, a 14% increase over ...Full Article

Everyone Except Nvidia Forms Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink) Consortium

Consider the GPU. An island of SIMD greatness that makes light work of matrix math. Originally designed to rapidly paint dots on a computer monitor, it was then found to be ...Full Article

International Team of Researchers Advance Groundwater Resilience Through AI and Data Science

Groundwater is a vital water supply for humanity. It supplies 35% of the drinking water in the U.S. and almost half of all drinking water in the world. Unfortunately, ...Full Article

LLM Spotlight: Llama 3

The Llama 3 large language model (LLM) is Meta’s latest and most advanced LLM to date. Succeeding Llama 1 and 2, this most recent model excels at understanding and ...Full Article

Anthropic Launches Tool Use, Making It Easier To Create Custom AI Assistants

Anthropic has announced the general availability of the new Tool Use feature for its AI assistant Claude. The new feature enables users to build their own AI-driven solutions. The ...Full Article

NIST Q&A: Getting Ready for the Post Quantum Cryptography Threat? You Should be.

With the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) set to publish the first Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Standards in a few weeks, attention is shifting to how to ...Full Article
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