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WEKA’s IP Portfolio Surpasses 100 Patents, Showcasing AI-Driven Innovation 

CAMPBELL, Calif., June 20, 2024 – WekaIO (WEKA), the AI-native data platform company, today announced it has reached a significant milestone in its IP portfolio, having been awarded over 100 patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company was granted its 113th patent for methods and systems for power failure resistance for a distributed storage system on June 18th and has over 70 patent applications still pending.

As AI use cases continue to proliferate and permeate across enterprises and research organizations, many are looking to modernize their data infrastructure stacks to manage and optimize the growing volumes of data required to fuel AI-driven innovation.

WEKA’s patented technologies underpin its AI-native data platform software, which provides organizations with a dynamic, data pipeline-oriented data architecture that can help accelerate time to discovery, insights, value creation, and business outcomes. The WEKA Data Platform delivers exceptional performance at scale, making GPUs, AI workloads, and other data-intensive applications run faster and work more efficiently and sustainably. Both cloud and hardware-agnostic, WEKA’s software can be deployed anywhere, giving customers a cost-effective data management solution that delivers the cloud-like simplicity and seamless data portability they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving AI-driven and hybrid cloud world.

The company’s latest patent award comes as it celebrates more than a decade of innovation and the closing of its $140M Series E funding round led by Valor Equity Partners at a $1.6B market valuation.

In 2013, WEKA pioneered the concept of a software-based data management platform, setting the standard for modern data infrastructure in the era of AI. Today, as global demand for highly scalable and performant data infrastructure for AI and other next-generation data workloads continues to skyrocket, WEKA has achieved a sustained hyper-growth trajectory with record-breaking annual recurring revenue.

“Growing our IP portfolio to more than a hundred patents marks a major innovation milestone for WEKA,” said Liran Zvibel, cofounder and chief executive officer at WEKA. “When my cofounders and I started WEKA a decade ago, we wanted to create a radically different approach to data management that was infinitely simpler and more customer-centric, which required a complete rethink of traditional data architectures and developing deeply differentiated intellectual property. Crossing this patent milestone validates our day-one vision to build a revolutionary new approach that eliminates the compromises and challenges of legacy data infrastructure to enable organizations to thrive in the AI era.”

About WEKA

WEKA is architecting a new approach to the enterprise data stack built for the AI era. The WEKA Data Platform sets the standard for AI infrastructure with a cloud and AI-native architecture that can be deployed anywhere, providing seamless data portability across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. It transforms legacy data silos into dynamic data pipelines that accelerate GPUs, AI model training and inference, and other performance-intensive workloads, enabling them to work more efficiently, consume less energy, and reduce associated carbon emissions. WEKA helps the world’s most innovative enterprises and research organizations overcome complex data challenges to reach discoveries, insights, and outcomes faster and more sustainably – including 12 of the Fortune 50. Visit to learn more.

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