Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, June 24, 2024

NinjaTech AI Teams Up With AWS to Launch the Next Generation of AI Agents and Copilots 

NinjaTech AI, a San Francisco-based startup that offers conversational artificial intelligence for business, has announced the public beta launch of its new AI agent service Ninja. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) purpose-built machine learning (ML) chips, Ninja goes beyond traditional AI assistants and co-pilots by bringing autonomous agents to market. 

Ninja has the ability to plan and execute real-world tasks asynchronously, such as scheduling meetings on the user’s behalf, helping out with coding tasks, or conducting in-depth research. The AWS chips Trainium and Inferentia2, along with Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed cloud-based ML service, enable Ninja to create, train, and scale custom AI agents capable of autonomously managing complex tasks. 

Leveraging AWS’s cloud capabilities, Ninja users can assign new tasks without waiting for ongoing tasks to be completed. The service will ping when it completes an operation or there is question that needs input. Users can also view the progress of each task by clicking a sidebar. 

"Working with AWS's Annapurna Labs has been a genuine game-changer for NinjaTech AI. The power and flexibility of Trainium & Inferentia2 chips for our reinforcement-learning AI agents far exceeded our expectations: They integrate easily and can elastically scale to thousands of nodes via Amazon SageMaker," stated Babak Pahlavan, founder and CEO of NinjaTech AI.

Pahlavan further shared that these new AWS-designed chips can save up to 80% in total costs, and are 60% more energy efficient compared to similar GPUs on the market. The chips also offer native support for the larger 70B variants of the latest open-source models like Meta’s Llama 3.

AI agents rely on LLMs that are tailored to specific tasks through extensive training and fine-tuning, such as reinforcement learning. However, the scarcity and inelasticity of GPUs required for training LLMs have emerged as a key challenge for the successful deployment of AI models. AWS offers a solution by providing a combination of custom chip technology and scalable cloud infrastructure.


The four key conversation AI agents offered by Ninja include Real-Time Web Search, Ninja Coder, Basic Scheduler,  And Ninja Advisor. Additionally, Ninja offers limited access to third-party LLMs enabling users to access a side-by-side results comparison from leading LLMs from companies such as Google, Anthropic, and OpenAI. The free version of Ninja will only offer a limited number of daily tasks. Users will have to subscribe to paid plans to access a higher number of tasks. 

NinjaTech AI is now closer to its goal of providing a service for busy professionals to get the most out of their AI. The state-of-the-art asynchronous infrastructure allows Ninja users to manage a nearly infinite number of tasks simultaneously. This is like harnessing the power of multiple AI models without having to manually work with each model individually. 

The launch of Ninja has the potential to unlock the next generation of productivity tools that can transform how we work, learn, and collaborate. It also underscores AWS's growing influence in the AI and ML market. NinjaTech AI is one of many companies that have chosen AWS Inferentia and AWS Trainium chips over NVIDIA GPUs. 

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