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Red Hat Works to Advance Radiology Through AI 

RALEIGH, N.C., May 21, 2024 -- Red Hat, Inc. today announced that Boston Children’s Hospital is piloting imaging analysis using Red Hat OpenShift for artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration between Red Hat and Boston Children’s Hospital, one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the nation, is utilizing AI adoption in the hospital’s radiology department, with the promise to improve image quality and the speed and accuracy of image interpretation.

Before Boston Children’s Hospital began piloting AI in radiology, quantitative measurements had to be done manually, which was a time-consuming task. Other, more complex image analyses were performed completely offline and outside of the clinical workflow. In a field where time is of the essence, the hospital is piloting Red Hat OpenShift via the ChRIS Research Integration Service, a web-based medical image platform.

The AI application running in ChRIS on the Red Hat OpenShift foundation has the potential to automatically examine x-rays, identify the most valuable diagnostic images among the thousands taken and flag any discrepancies for the radiologist. This decreases the interpretation time for radiologists.

Innovation developed internally is immediately transferable to public research clouds such as the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC), where large-scale data sharing and additional innovation can be fostered. Boston Children’s Hospital aims to extend the reach of advanced healthcare solutions globally through this approach, amplifying their impact on patient well-being worldwide.

“Boston Children’s Hospital exemplifies the positive impact artificial intelligence can have in the healthcare field and how it fuels innovation beyond traditional enterprise IT,” said Chris Wright, Red Hat's chief technology officer and senior vice president for global engineering. “Red Hat is proud to collaborate with Boston Children’s Hospital by providing the technology foundation for efforts to make a difference in the health of future generations.”

Red Hat believes open unlocks the world's potential, including the potential to share knowledge and build upon each other's discoveries. Additionally, Red Hat believes innovation—including AI—should be available everywhere, making any application, anywhere a reality. With open source, enabling AI-fueled innovation across hybrid IT environments that can lead to faster clinical breakthroughs and better patient outcomes is a reality.

Learn more about AI at Red Hat here.

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