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Bearing AI Launches First AI-Powered Planning Tool for Shipping Liners 

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 16, 2024 -- Bearing AI, a leading artificial intelligence solutions provider in the maritime industry, today announced an AI-powered Deployment Planner to help liners better balance the complexities of environmental compliance with increasing demand for quicker transportation of goods and the need to meet profitability goals.

The Bearing AI Deployment Planner equips liner shipping companies with the necessary tools to meet regulations and adapt to future changes. By analyzing historical data, current operational parameters, and future projections, the Deployment Planner:

  • Suggests deployment adjustments that maximize efficiency - like rotating vessels between high- and low-emission routes to maintain fleet compliance.
  • Identifies underperforming vessels and schedules and proposes alternatives to maintain emissions compliance.
  • Simulates the impact of different service schedules on fuel consumption and vessel performance, acting as a “schedule playground” to help liners quickly identify the most cost and emissions-efficient deployments.

Bearing AI’s deep learning models analyze multiple variables and calculate millions of potential combinations to provide real-time, precise predictions on emissions, fuel costs, fleet performance and other essential metrics. Deployment Planner is part of a powerful suite of AI tools that allows vessel operators to easily answer questions such as: What’s the right vessel for the right contract? How do I optimize total profitability in the face of a potential green premium and carbon tax? How do I balance efficiency across my entire fleet to minimize compliance risk?

“Environmental compliance is just one component in an increasingly complex balancing act for the marine shipping industry,” said Kristofer Maanum, Senior Product Leader at Bearing AI. “When making adjustments to address emissions, modern shipping companies need to be able to see the impact on their operations, and vice versa - and they need to do it in real-time across millions of variables. This level of scenario simulation is only possible with AI. Our vision is to not only ease the industry's transition towards green shipping but also enable it to harness AI to make confident decisions that support commercial and sustainability goals.”

About Bearing AI

Bearing AI is the leading operational solutions provider for the modern shipping era. Its powerful platform leverages proprietary advanced AI models to solve the most pressing maritime challenges, such as schedule planning and optimization, emissions management, environmental compliance, and more. ​​Bearing AI works with some of the world’s leading shipping companies including K Line, IINO, and Hapag Lloyd, and is backed by Mitsui & Co. Ltd., a global business leader with deep ties to the shipping industry, and the AI Fund, a venture capital firm led by AI pioneer Andrew Ng. For more information on how Bearing AI's technology sets the standard for efficient fleet management and compliance, visit our website at

Source: Bearing AI