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AWS and Fujitsu Expand Partnership to Modernize Legacy Cloud Applications 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fujitsu Limited announced the expansion of their global partnership to accelerate the modernization of legacy applications on AWS Cloud. The joint intuitive, named Modernization Acceleration, comes at a time when organizations are keen to modernize their legacy applications to move away from on-premise open service systems and to maximize the benefits of cloud. 

According to research by McKinsey, organizations that invested in the right software tools experienced four to five times the revenue growth of their competitors. The digital transformation journey to modernization offers several benefits including improving customer engagement, building dynamic defenses to modern security risks, and better operational efficiency in the era of GenAI. 

The Modernisation Acceleration initiative will be launched on April 1, with AWS and Fujitsu providing assessment, migration, and modernization of legacy mission-critical applications for customers across industries. 

AWS and Fujisu will facilitate the entire end-to-end value creation through modernization including helping customers from final testing to migrations. The goal of this intuitive is to build a foundation for data utilization from legacy systems toward data-driven management. 

According to Megumi Shimazu, Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, Head of Global Technology Solutions, Fujitsu Limited, the partnership combines “AWS’ broadest and deepest cloud-enabled technologies with Fujitsu’s years of mainframe and UNIX server expertise, we can deliver fast, secure modernization, allowing customers to focus on accelerating innovation across industries.”

The initiative will leverage the expertise of the AWS Professional Services team that help customers accelerate the adoption of AWS solutions. This includes the use of AWS Mainframe Modernization, which integrates the tools needed to modernize mainframe applications using a single environment. Several other AWS services will be employed for this intuitive, including the AWS Security and Assurance Services, AWS Support and Managed Services, and the AWS Training and Certification. 

Commenting on the partnership, Uwem Ukpong, vice president, Global Services, Amazon Web Services, shared his excitement about the expanded partnership with Fujitsu to drive digital transformation. He also shared that he looks forward to using the joint capacities to help customers derive greater insights from mainframe data. 

The AWS Mainframe Modernization provides AWS Blue Age, an AWS refactoring solution that converts legacy mainframe workloads, including application code, infrastructure, and dependencies into modern workloads for the cloud. The expanded partnership will help customs use Futijsus’s flagship GS21 series mainframes to reduce the cost and time required for data migration and modernization. 

AWS and Fijutsu have been working on a proof of concept to modernize one of Fujitsu’s mission-critical applications running GS21 series mainframes on the AWS cloud. The proof of concept was successful using AWS Blu Age to convert the application with COBOL code to Java. 

The two companies will use Fujitsu’s GS21 series mainframes to support the first 40 customers in North America, Europe, and Asia, and other key regions. This phase is expected to last until 2029, after which the joint initiative will start using Fujitsu UNIX servers and mainframes from other companies to support customers. 

The next steps to facilitating modernization include incorporating AI technologies, such as GenAI, to accelerate mainframe modernization at scale. There are also plans for the joint initiative to automate functions such as cloud environment management, code analysis, and testing. 

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